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Hello I’m new to the forum. I’ve had plenty of experiences with the Goetia. Good and Bad as well as a series of Astral Travels (not planned) that have led to me meeting Zepar, Orobas, Sallos and Orias in the astral.

I have not gotten any large successes from Magick due to being used by some spirits despite my good intentions of working with them. I need assistance from some one who has a good connection with either Dantalion or King Corson. Can anybody assist me with this?

I use GoM Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield as my primary source to work with said spirits. Been engaged in Magick for the last 2 years or so


@Lady_Eva can I PM you?

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Welcome to the forum! Are you interested in any energy work as well?

Not really no, more Evocation based.

@C.Kendall has some great posts on here that I’ve found very helpful for evocations. Maybe check them out?

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I’ve lurked here for about a year plus before making an account. He has good posts :slight_smile: