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I’ll try to post productive experience based insights
43 years old - fan of the site so decided to join - adding another voice to the frey.

Welcome, @ArchLogos

Where are you from? What type of magick do you practice? For how long have you practiced?

@ArchLogos Please do a proper introduction. This post tells us absolutely nothing about you or your magical experience and does not fulfil the rule of this forum.


I apologize for the vagueness and didn’t realize the rules.

I am 43 years old and a fairly successful business man in a tech based sales industry. As many I have a Judeo - Christian religious background. When I was young due to the belief in the spirit world instilled by my family’s religious based culture I did experience spiritual activity at times and was exposed to stories of spiritual activity from other family members as well. My Great Grandmother was also tarot practitioner which was quite controversial amongst some members of my family.

Upon leaving home under normal circumstances to explore responsible adulthood I threw religion to wayside for the most part but never abandoning spirituality. Not until my 30’s did I stray from purely material pursuits to explore my spirituality further.
The path has resulted in my being fairly well versed in “Magick” both ritual and direct.
I have many personally fulfilling and undeniable successes in the practice of Goetic and Olympic evocation and invocation. My methods of reception are scrying and channeling for information. Meditation is of course key: both trance, and creative energy work as well as runic meditations to hone the senses for connecting with outside energies and forces.
For direct magick I engage in creatively intense sigil work for great results. Servitors are used occasionally but they are not regular practice for me.

I don’t spend much time personally differentiating the various forms of magick or their merits in relation to one another. It is all one spiritual practice and the birth right for any who realize they are more than just bags of flesh. We are all fragments of The All, call it what you will.

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Thank you for doing a proper introduction as requested, and welcome to the BALG forum.

Do you practice any specific system or tradition?

I edited my former post as I thought I lost it, I suppose I didn’t. I’m new to this format.

I have learned to take a simplified approach to old world ritual magick. I prefer Goetic work. I am heavily influenced by the creative methodology of Chaos Magick though I do not adhere to the strictly psychological model as an explanation of the affects of magick on the material world.
So I am tied to no tradition, I simply favor the Goetia because it works well for me.
In the end I will use any tradition or method I run across that might work for me. - that might imply that the simple answer to your question could have been Chaos Magick, but I cringe to tie myself to any tradition as it sways very close to a religion when doing so.

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