New member, need some help

Hello everyone, I’ve made some other topics on this however I didn’t read the rules, and so I didn’t give myself a proper introduction, I don’t intend for this to be spam as I can’t delete the other ones I made without a moderator but I just wanted to introduce myself properly.

I live in the United Kingdom. I’ve got into magic not too long ago and I’ve been learning and researching about the Goetic demons. I’m really excited to learn more and I’m happy to hear any tips or things that you guys can tell me.

With that said, I have a slight problem. I evoked Prince Sitri not too long ago and I am just wondering whether or not he is going to help me with my request. I do not doubt his power or his abilities but just need to know if he has accepted to help me. If anyone here has a good relationship with him, it would really mean a lot if you could ask him on my behalf.

Thanks very much guys

Also please feel free to share your experiences with him if you have any

From my experience with entities in the past when you question whether or not they accept the answer is usually no. They like confidence. They respond best when you have the confidence in your abilities. Know that when you do your best and stop questioning your work you will have great results.


Oh okay, I see. Thankyou very much

Should I try and evoke him again, and ask him with more confidence in him or should I just wait and have more confidence In my first evokation

Also I do not know how to message someone directly, if anyone could please tell me how to, I would appreciate it

I believe that you are too new to be able to send direct messages but if you put @ in front of their name they will see your post

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I would re work the ritual your doubts have already tangled their energy with the first one.

After completing the ritual do your best to not think about it until you get your results.

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Ok, thank you so much for your help