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Hey all!

Finally signed up today. This forum has been a goldmine of information, along with the videos and books I’ve been taking in.

I’ve been practicing more Right Hand oriented magic since my middle school years. I had dropped off for a while as life took over, but got back into a few years ago (I’m 22, female).

Despite never being a Christian, I had a lot of Christian programming regarding demons. What broke through that completely was Lucifer.

I had a hard time even saying his name out loud as the societal implications were extremely prevalent. Magic was never an issue. Last year, a servitor I made had gotten me an amazing apartment that I live in now.
Then this year, after getting even more into my workings, I had developed a drinking problem. I was already smoking weed every single day, several times a day to avoid the realities of being present. It was getting expensive so I turned to alcohol.

This led to several blackouts a week, arguments with my neighbors, hiding from friends and family and overall a sharp downward turn in my personal life. Somewhere along, I found a guided meditation that would lead me to contact with Lucifer. I thought “fuck it” and drank a bit before going for it. Three times, I did this and had fallen asleep only to wake up as it was ending.

The fourth time, I was able to complete it. The contact made turned sexual very fast. I cleared my mind a few times to make sure my own thoughts weren’t impeding in, but every time I cleared my mind, it went right back to where we left off.

Somewhere in the middle, I was switched to observing us when a white dragon’s head came into my view, blocking my sight. It opened its eye, and where the whites were, there was a swirling galaxy instead. It was amazing, and soon after the mediation ended.

Within a week, I had gotten caught drinking at work despite never being careless before. I then took a 5 day vacation to reset myself, and when I returned to my apartment, my mom and I cleaned the mess I had made, built the furniture I bought, and now I have a space that I find comfort and joy in being in.

I believe this wouldn’t have happened had I not asked for help from Lucifer. My life was flipped briefly before becoming anew and I am so excited to see what growth is possible with Him, and the multitude of other beings out there.

Sorry for the long read!! Hope this finds you well!


Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to our corner of the internet.

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Hello welcome to the forum!

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Welcome :blush:

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Welcome to the forum.

So what, exactly, do you practice?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

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My first entry as a child was Wicca, although meditation, ascension and the development of “Christ Consciousness” have been taught to me by my dad since I can remember.

That worked it’s way into more chaos magick as I got into high school.

Now I’m trying to combine what worked for me in the past (servitor and sigil creation) with my current path of working with demons and Greek gods


Hi @catdaddy, welcome to the forum. :wave:t4::blush:

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Nice tits. :+1:

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