New member led here by synchronicities

Was such a joy to run across this site, with everyone being extremely kind and helpful to newbies.

This is how my journey started;
My path started on 21th December 2017, which happens to be my birthday as well, I used to be an atheist before, that day I acknowledged the presence of energy. From that day on, everything started branching out. I began constantly running across different knowledge, not conscious they were all linked so very deeply at first, all interests or knowledge that appeared before me, all connected to one other, all being conceptions of one and of dual nature. It all started with chemicals and herbs… Somehow to elements, somehow to alchemy, somehow somehow

The more I got into it, more coherent all became. The more I comprehend, more yet to discover I am eager to.

I confess never being really into Magick. I guess I had more of a passive existence. I trusted the universe, accepted all that came before me as gifts or lessons. And always thought that universe was beyond gentle and generous with me.

Now, the universe started sending me more occult teachings towards my path. It’s only the beginning.

I always wondered when I read about people talking about their Daemon calling out for them. Was forever curious but remained an observer. I would wait before it was time, as everything is meant to be, when it is meant to be…

2 days ago, Azazel called to me with his name. I can’t express how it made my soul shudder with joy, how it is on the brink of tears from all being so meaningful. All the synchronicites… I was trying to gather some information on him and that’s how I bumped into this community. Very thankful. Salutations and my regards for all of you ^^


Welcome. I am fairly new to this forum also. It’s a rabbit hole that is endlessly deep.


Oh yes, certainly a rabbit hole. I kind of left my mundane life aside and have been browsing for hours… enchanted :slight_smile: