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I’m new here, stumbled upon this forum when I was looking up things about incubi and ended up looking at stuff about angel lovers and letters of intent. I Follow Hera, but I believe in basically everything except “one true god” kind of stuff.

Been doing magic since 2014, mostly only do energy works, weather magic, tarot cards, and some healing here and there. Have dabbled in summoning, banishing, healing, meditating, visualization and some past life recall stuff, probably other things that I don’t remember atm.

I’m very happy to have found this forum as I dont really have anyone to talk to about real magic etc, I’ve put it out into the universe that I’d like a teacher/lover for healing magic and the basics etc, just a mental kind of letter of intent type thing. Shortly after when I was checking on my son while he was asleep, I got very lightheaded, short of breath and felt like i was suddenly weak from like being drained of energy then when i checked the time it was 4:44 am and i got kind of spooked and like a huge warning bell went off in my head that those numbers where significant so i think my request was received! We’ll see where it takes me :slight_smile: I’ve worked with angels, demons, and various gods in the past so fingers crossed!

When you see the number 44 it means a spirit demon or angel it’s with you when you see 444 it means you and you loved ones are protected and everything come when the it’s right.

Thanks! When i looked it up this is what I got,

Your welcome🙂I received this info from the angels themself.

Welcome @IndigoAshley :blush: