New member Introduction

Hi everybody.

My names Tim and i’ve been a long time lurker at the BALG forum for a while now.

I’m brand new on my occult journey. I’m interested in Demonology and Demonolatry.

I’ve conducted a few rituals here and there but recently contacted President Marbas for a personal issues.

To give some background, a few years ago I made a serious financial decision that seemed like a good idea at the time but didn’t stop to think of the future consequences.
Me and my partner decided to start saving up money so we could buy a house. Once we had enough we hit up some banks for a loan and was quickly shot down because of my past decision.
This was upsetting but expected. Anyway we contacted a mortgage broker who started helping us out but hit a dead end.
At this point all seemed lost as no one would lend us money.
I decided to reach out to President Marbas.
I conducted a ritual and laid out the terms. I asked Marbas to help us out in our financial situation.
Some time passed and not much happened. I reached out to Marbas again to make sure we still had an understanding.
Not long after the mortgage broker reached out and told us he found a solution. He found a lender that would help us. Suddenly things were moving along very fast.
Next thing we knew we had a loan, found a house we liked and put a bid on it.
We hit another roadblock with the offer but Marbas came through and got us a good price on the house.
We are now on our way to moving into this house. I never thought I’d be a home owner because of the decision I had made. But Marbas had helped us out and I am forever grateful to him.
I would like to honour this post to president Marbas.
Hail Marbas!
If anyone finds themselves in a difficult situation I suggest reaching out to Marbas. He’s very kind to beginners such as myself and is great to work with.
Anyway thats my story. I look forward to continuing my occult journey.


Welcome @Redheadish

Where are you from?

How long have you been practicing?

Are you following any specific system or tradition?

This seems a bit odd as Marbas has nothing to do with money. He specializes in healing, mechanics, and infectious diseases. :thinking:

I’m from Melbourne, Australia.

Only a year, a complete newbie.

You’re right he has nothing to do with money generally. I had someone I know suggest reaching out to him as they had a similar problem that Marbas helped with.
Safe to say it was the right choice :+1: