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Luciferi Excelsi; for all my LHP folk’s. I am Reverend Bill Z. Bubb second in command of the Luciferian Liberation Front Peoples Temple of Free Urantia. I have traveled various paths in my quest for truth and clarity.

I started out as a initiate under the Black Dragon Society on the south side of Chicago back in the seventies. We were taught the mysteries under a swami Anandiananda he was initiated in India while serving in the US Airforce at a post in the embassy. He also competed in the Olympic’s in the martial arts competition.

So this dude bought the teachings back to the community. Back in the 1970’s the community had been flooded with Heroin to stem the rise in consciousness. We were part of the push back against the influx of drugs and propaganda.

The group I was in just happen to be led by a military officer who was on the LHP. That was my introduction into the mysteries. We studied and practice a system called Ki-Mind-and Body. We also conducted paramilitary operations. I probably need to write a book.

During that time one could soul travel without a lot of interference but that changed.

It was during my tenure with the Black Dragon’s that I was introduced to the Kingdom of Heaven and the RHP. Jesus and dem boy’s play rough. Ask anyone who has felt Holy Ghost fire on dey ass!!! Dat shit ain’t no joke!!!

Some of you Demonic muthafuckas know the deal!!! LMAO!!! I didn’t get on here to Bible thump just sharing my story.

So after years of study and living something for the Lord I came full circle back to the LHP. I have done some high level shit with the Anunnaki and the Ancient Ones in my quest for truth and clarity.

I have used ritual to cross the veil to great effect. I am currently studying a few books by Don Webb he is an accolate/Lord of Set. These are pretty scholarly treaties on Setian currents rituals philosophies and cycles.

In all the years that I have been doing this shit there are a few things that I have observed that never change. “Know Thyself”!!! Humans are fed a bunch of lies and bullshit the minute they step up in this muthafucka!!! “Be Responsible to Thyself First” muthafuckas make up all sorts of shit to avoid responsibility; Whole god damn religions are made up so nigga’s can avoid responsibility!!! LMFAO !!!

“Self Control” is the highest form of Control; Self control is what gets you through life and death situations. I am doing my best to not incarnate back to planet earth once I shed this meat suit.

I am not looking to be annihilated by receiving someone else’s mind. We are the sum total of our memories and experiences so if you wipe that out you no longer exist.

So “Avoid Extreme’s” If a muthafucka offers you the red pill or the blue pill take the god damn green pill !!! The truth is always somewhere in the middle. Extreme’s get muthafucka’s caught up in cycles.

So how many time’s you got to repeat the lesson to get it right??? The stuff I just mentioned never changes. That’s the real Luciferian shit!!!


Wow, never have I read “muthafucka” so many times in one post. I need to sage myself LOL

When I read a post such as this I like to look things up, like names, places, organizations and while I found the story interesting, I can actually find nothing to corroborate any of the facts you state other than some minor historical truths.

What are you hoping to gain by joining this forum because it reads like you got this mothafucka shit down with your years of study, high level shit, scholarly instruction, veil piercing and self control.

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@Reverandbillzbubb This is not the correct place for your introduction. Please make your own topic, not post in someone else’s.

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I was wondering why he jacked someone else’s thread…

LMFAO!!! Cool beans first of all let me thank you for reading my post and your comments. I probably need to sage myself LOL. These are personal comments about my own journey. I didn’t include anything that needed to be fact checked or cross referenced . I tend to be very blunt sometimes but I am not trying to be rude. So if anyone is offended by muthafucka and nigga I apologize I meant no disrespect. I joined the forum because large groups of stupid people are dangerous and I am unfortunately surrounded for the time being. LOL So the forum serves as an outlet and a way of having dialogue with like minded individuals. That’s why I joined the forum but I can most certainly tone down the rhetoric without losing content.


Sorry could not find the link to put me in the right place to make the introduction my bad.

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Welcome to the forum!!


No worries. There is no link, you make a new topic in the New Magician section.

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Thank you Miss Angelb1083 appreciate you.


Yo muthafucka, hit some bitch-ass paragraph breaks in those cocksucking walls of text in future, y’hear? :scream_cat:

I had to fix your shit just so muthafucka’s eyes don’t bleed like a nun on the rag.

(Did I get the lingo right - had to use Google Translate… :innocent:)

Anyway welcome to the foru- I mean, the muthafucking forum. :+1:


Lighting sage now