New member intro

Hi everyone !

My name is Mona and I’m from England, It’s been a couple of weeks since I discovered this forum so I’m fairly new & wasn’t aware that every member must introduce themselves so my sincere apology for that.
I mostly read up posts on this forum to help me understand how magic works as I’m not a magician but I find it very interesting.

I recently went through a break up, it left me broken I tried everything I could but things didn’t change & that’s when I met someone who gave me knowledge about magic & decided to do some work for me.

I suffer from bad anxiety and struggle to keep my mind off things, so I was just looking for some advice on what kind of spells people have used , which worked and what to avoid from creating blockages…


Thank you for doing an introductions as requested, and welcome.


Although we are low in number we have others in England here.

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