New member intro

I am new I read a lot what drew me to magic is like many it was a relationship issue trying to get my ex back i have paid online for work to be done and nothing I have had an reading done two times and both times was told she loves me still, no results, so I kept reading I have done small candle spells, different types, tried to work with Santa muerte I don’t think she wanted to help me, I have gone to spiritual shops and worked the candles and pictures and chanted daily as instructed and no results, yet I must say something has her still in contact with me so the door to my ex is not completely closed, I have tried dantalion, and nothing, obsession jar with cotton, I am trying I believe in it I know it takes time and I have not given up I am very new I do not know if I am doing something wrong I read many posts and tried various just waiting that’s all I recently tried to call upon sallos for his help in the matter.

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