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I am a new member just today. I have dived into the occult and Lucifer beliefs along with Satanic readings. But I keep guilting out and deleting some accounts. I need to be recruited and educated by individuals who will help me see “the dark.” I am a part trans/mostly closet CD.


Greetings, how long have you been exploring magick for?

Please be careful, most people on here are just active and busy magicians or students of magick, but predators exist here as with any other community.

You’ll do better to learn from public forum posts, until you know enough to give any advice the sniff-test and see if it’s actually someone grooming you, or trying to exploit you. I’ll be sending you a PM shortly with a big load of beginner info in, meanwhile, you can start here:

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Hello there :wave:t5::slight_smile: Don’t feel guilty for doing what you’re called to do. If this is the path you want to follow, follow it. No need to create multiple accounts & delete them. You’ll find some nice & friendly people here, & hopefully you find what you’re looking for.

Welcome to the forum :bouquet:

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many new and helpful things.

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Do you realize I get a virus warning when I checked out the merchandise store?

No, because I haven’t been spying on your or your device, neither do I know what you had for breakfast…?

Post a screencap and I’ll look into it.


Why are you not wearing trousers?