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hello my name is zay, i am an extreme newbie just starting today and i am learning about Belial so i can be successful as i grow up, my parents don’t really seem to have hope for me and i know that they truly don’t feel like im going anywhere with my life, so im hoping that i can make them beg for my love back one day.

i also want to know is there a way to communicate with Belial just to talk to him and gain an friendship, someone else i could just talk to when i feel like talking. i dont know if this needs an offering but i would love just to be able to see Belial as a friend i can talk to than just an person who takes offers. i thank you all for accepting me and i would enjoy having someone coach me trough this, such as telling me whats wrong and whats not.

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This might be helpful to you:

This is my info on Belial:

Welcome :blush:

Hullo I m glad I found this place man some real dirty truth in the video above. I need more of that. My inner reality slakes a sigh of relief. Gurus of dankness unite. My name is Fixed Cross.