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Hi there!
Very happy to find this community! My name is Julia ( not my real name). I’ve been doing magick for more than 20 years. I do spells, voodo, tarot. Looking forward to learn something new here and be of help if I can!


Welcome friend, I hope you’ll enjoy your time here and learn some new things along the way

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Welcome to the forum.

When you say that you “do voodoo,” are you initiated into any tradition? If so, is it Haitian or New Orleans?

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Good point! Now as I you asked me I realized I misrepresented the term. I am from east European culture and we use a term voodoo but it differs from the one you are asking me about. My my bad. I will edit to reflect more accurate details. Thank you!

Thank you!

You are long passed the time limit on editing your post, so please just make another post here and clear up what you mean by the term “voodoo,” to avoid any confusion for people.

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Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time on this forum.

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Welcome to the forum, @HappyWealthyLucky

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@vayon This is not the correct place for your introduction. Flagged for the mods to remove.