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Hi! I’m Korin. I’ve only just started my journey on the LHP. I am from the bible belt area of Louisiana, which is already a complicated state with hard core Christians to the North and then whatever inhabits the south.
I have been raised to be the upright, good, submissive Christian girl who is too make and timid to do anything her husband doesn’t explicitly tell her to do, which is exactly what lead me to LHP following a tormenting dark night of the soul.
So far, I want to learn everything, but I seem to have a knack for Norse anything. If I had to really describe what I use though, it’d be chaos magic. Whatever works best and whoever will help the most is how I roll.
Current challenges I guess are your typical things. Self discovery, money, love.
Current goals are mostly self discovery. Once I get me settled, everything else is a walk in the park.
Nice to meet ya!

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How long have you been practicing?

Been doing simple spells on paper and candle spells, and manifesting since December. Doing rune work and tarot divination for years, just was too afraid to really go further until recently.

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Welcome mate!