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I am Sum.
Who is Sum? Dynamic, probably an 80 or more year old inside, food motivated, independent student in many things.
Describing myself has never been easy, not because I’m mysterious or particularly interesting… because it changes a lot. I am always seeking information, feedback, and do my best to keep moving (not necessarily forward, sometimes just moving and staying alive). I am currently lost and have turned back inward to familiar and comforting things (magik, hiding at home with my dog, seeking insight/counsel, etc…), and have found this place. I am slow to open up and interact, and look forward to completing the observing phase and getting to the connecting phase (hopefully).
Since I’m not entirely sure what to put here anyway, this is a good place to conclude my intro. If you hear anything, or have any messages for me, I’m all ears.
Thank you for reading this.


Welcome Sum to the forum. What kind of magick do you practice or interested in?

I read cards (playing cards as tarot, and others), light work (healing, listening, automatic writing /drawing), talk to rocks (not sure how to describe this, finding gemstones that really want to come home with me, then giving them to their forever home/person), and other things I’m not sure about how to label… I’ve always done things intuitively, and have learned along the way what it was and more about it… scrying, locating, gathering the “mail” and delivering messages…
I’m interested in learning almost anything, I love learning and studying and trying. I’d love to get into remote viewing and other projection type tasks.

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So you have no experience with any particular systems of magick?

So you’re into divination eh?

Yup, since I was very young. You can read a story from a lot of different places in lots of different ways… wasn’t really sure what it was until later in life… turns out there’s a whole world full of folks that see /hear /feel /smell things that others just don’t seem to notice.

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Reading cards, bones, hand scanning, pendulum work, random things… i dont have anyone to regularly practice/discuss with, and sometimes people find out about my interests/puttering and it has caused friction or a decrease in my reputation (“I thought you were smart!” and “wow, you really think a deck of cards is going to tell you?” are a couple things said to me).
I have always wanted to focus and explore deeper… tbh I don’t even know what questions to ask, or what’s “this” called… they can fill books with things I don’t know :slight_smile:

No worries. I’m a ceremonial magician so I’m all about systems lol

Golden Dawn, Hermetic, Enochian, etc are examples of different systems of magick, in case you didn’t understand what i meant.

Welcome to the forum.

what do you find the advantage is for following systems?
does it help you focus or make learning easier?
Anything you’d be open to sharing would be gratefully received.

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@Sum Welcome to the forum. You won me by kissing your dog.

he’s got the best cheeks I have ever kissed :kiss:
Chester isn’t much of a dog, he’s the best best friend though lol
thank you :blush:

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Yes, I find systems make learning easier. They provide a blue print to follow, that will teach you certain basic knowledge, so that you can then make measured progress.

Once you become proficient in one system, and understand the basics which apply to all forms of magick, you can then work within other systems and methods with success.

do you have an intro to a system that you would recommend (based on my background /interests)?
I am reluctant to just Google things, there is a lot of info out there, and a lot of people that impress upon me that they are not of repute (“buy this spell for $$$ and subscribe to my channel for unlimited prosperity!”… and that kind of flavour).
Thank you for your replies, it’s lovely to talk with you.

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If you are interested in the evocation of spirits, you cannot go wrong with picking up a copy of Evoking Eternity, or Works of Darkness, by EA Koetting.

Based on your interests of projection, however, I would go with EA’s book Questing After Visions, or the BALG Soul Travel course, which is basically an encapsulation of the techniques in his books.


I will go find those!
Thank you :snowflake:

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