New member intro & GoM question?

Hi, new to this. Interested in thoughts on “the gallery of Magick” and other similar authors, any successes, watch outs? Looked at some of the material on YouTube and not terribly convinced. D


Welcome @Derfel Please tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. This post doesn’t tell us anything and thus does not meet the criteria for a proper introduction.

How old are you?

Do you have any experience in magick at all?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in?


LOVE GOM and highly recommend all of their works.

The Gallery of Magick books most certainly show results. Highly recommend them


Which books have you had the most success with?

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Wealth Magick for sure. Heavy transformations to say the least
The 72 Angels of Magick
The Magickal Cashbook
Magickal Riches
Demons of Magick
Adventures in Sex Magick

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One of my friends has a imaginary friend named lucy and they say she looks like a girl with horns and she lives in their wall, they also say that lucy can and does move stuff… is this normal or not?

Hi @Ink_Sans

Welcome to our forum. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

  1. Give us “The forum members” an introduction. It doesn’t have to be your life history but we do like to know a little bit about the people we talk to. Tell us things like what brought you here, how long you have practiced and what you practice. Your age would be helpful as it helps us craft appropriate responses.

  2. At the top right of the screen is a “Search Function”. A lot of the information you seek can be found there. Please use it. If you can’t find the answer there then feel free to ask questions or create a topic.

  3. If you create a topic and your not getting responses as quick as you would like, DON’T create another topic, you may need to just re-work what you already written. It could just be as simple as a catchy title to fix the problem or just give it time. This forum is worldwide so you may have to wait a bit.

  4. Please be courteous. There are many views and opinions expressed here. Some may fit your point of view and some may not. Respect is key to having a long and happy relationship with the forum members.

I hope you found this information helpful and look forward to hearing what you have to share.


Awesome. Been working with 72 as well, and about to start with DOM.

Any Spirit recommendations within these books?

They all work. Depends on what you want to manifest in your life

Agreed simple and works.