New member intro and lamen help

Hi everyone that’s up at 4am. I’ve been a fan of BALG for years now just never got active on the website but love everything about it. I finally became active because I’m at my whits end. And hope someone can make sense of this. I’ve been recently reading through the lesser keys of Solomon and it talks about how to conjure the spirits such as Baal into physical form. That being said the book also says you must have “lamens” but some need to made from mercury? I can’t figure how a liquid can be make into something also can’t figure where to buy these items. I sound like a noob I know. I’ve studied demonology and black magick for years since childhood but never conjured and really want to start but need to figure out how to get supplies mainly the lamens. Can someone shed some light on this for me? Thanks

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Hi! I’m super new to this stuff as well. I wound up doing a little research and felt like I only wanted to work from texts sourced from the Book of Abramelin. I found “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons.” The pathworking has been very easy and does not require any materials. I have felt very comforted by the experience and have already noticed some positive changes in my situation.

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You have to be careful with the old grimoires. Some of the info is blinds, designed to throw off the uninitiated, and in other cases put it into terms that wouldn’t get it into too much trouble with the religious establishment of the time. It doesn’t mean the metal mercury, it’s using the term mercury as a symbolic representation of inner alchemical working. Same with ‘sulphur’.

Like the poster above, I recommend a modern book that is not obfuscated, leaves out the bullshit and puts things in plain English.

Hey 555,
I’ll have to check out that one. Thanks for the advice. The book I’ve been reading the goetia the lesser key of Solomon the king.

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Hey Maulbeere,
Thanks that does make sense the book I’ve been reading is the goetia the lesser key of Solomon the king. And that’s where I got confused, which makes sense like you said the old grimoires don’t explain too much. I’ll keep looking.

I have also been enjoying Goetia Pathworthing by Hargrove. These techniques for me feel more natural, the idea is that you use your imagination to transport your consciousness to the demons rather than trying to get them to come to you. You ask them directly for help. I found the whole thing very pleasant and have come to really enjoy visiting the rock strewn desert, standing at the base of the mountain and marveling at the blackened tree whose new buds ooze liquid metal. It’s just really nice honestly and I’ve found it very comforting. None of the spooky fire and brimstone stuff I might have expected.