New member i want to remember the power that i had

Ηello guys I am happy to find you,I have been “study” spiritualism for the last 5 years more seriously, I started with an angelic talisman-spirit guide and later I started also lessons with other teacher to activate brain and mental skills,telekinesis-astral projection and others.After two three changes in left and right path these years ,I kept a sword before 1 month that I had charged with “left energy” older and avoided it …that moment I had the thought :Don’t be late because it’s time to get the sword out of its case at everyone who you will meet…also after some days in meditation gave me the name EL HERAKA , it remainds me a union of RA AND HORUS like thelema, I try to write little things to get know each other and sorry for my my english are basic level,I wish you power and sophia.

Wait what?

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I really hope its only poor english

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