New Member! (I have been lurking for a while)

Greetings! I am a new member. My name is Christian, and I am 16 years old. Outside of the occult I am very into sports, music (I play guitar and piano), history, philosophy, etc. I have experience and knowledge of many different occult/spiritual paths from both the Left hand path, as well as the Right hand path. I am currently someone who has focused a lot on the study and literature part of the occult instead of hands-on experience, rituals and practice. I am looking to get more into the practical aspect of the occult; as I feel that the metaphors, ideas, philosophies and everything I have learned in my years of studying the field of metaphysics, occult and spirituality; has laid down a great foundation for me to start my own proper path with rituals, practices and the greater use of my Will. I am also naturally clairsentient, as I am able to sense and feel entities, spirits, gods, deities, etc while having little practice with meditation or chakra work. I was actually tormented by entities for a long time; this caused me the greatest trauma of my life so far, and this is what has led me to all of this. I feel like I have benefited greatly from my suffering during my earlier childhood and the spiritual abuse by larvae, succubi, astral insects, etc. I learned to persist relying solely on my Will; to the point where I am completely unbreakable. My philosophy and beliefs consist of various things from many different religions, cultures, traditions, fraternities, brotherhoods, sects, cults, etc (the list goes on and on; because there is so much material that I believe holds important value). Albeit I hold this knowledge, I am still a teenager with hormones and all of that stuff; so I am far from a perfect scholar or some kind of a paragon of virtue, haha. I also have a really big ego, so there’s that. I have learned quite a bit from this forum; and now I think it’s time for me to start participating. Generally, I wish to learn more about communicating with Deities, finding out about my past lives, trying to understand what kind of spirits are with me from before this lifetime, what my Guardian Angel is like, and I also wish to gain a more seductive aura (currently looking into working with Astaroth and/or Gremory). This should be it for now!



Your journey is going to be exciting. You will find out that magick is not exactly clear cut as the books state first hand. Experience will begin to trump the more literature side of the occult, and hopefully you will find your way. The universe is a very strange place!

Enjoy your stay.