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Hello all, my name is Paris and I am happy to be here with all of you on this journey. I used to see spirits when I was younger and after a series of unfortunate events, I embarked on a magickal life style. But I was raised in a judgemental Christian family so I felt convicted to leave it behind. I stifled my ability to see and communicate with spirits and lived a mundane existence.
For the longest time I had been going through a cycle of “gaining the world” only to lose it all - several times. I also had discerned a few generational issues in my family. I slowly came back to Magick using the Gallery of Magick books ( thanks Damon Brand, Gordon Winterfield and Adam Blackthorne.) which allowed me to expand to other avenues.
I currently work mostly with demons and hoodoo. It seems to resound for me the best. But I am open to all sorts of magical experiences. I look forward to interacting within this forum!


Welcome to BALG, Paris, your presentation answers all the questions I have come to ask. :smiley:

Do you use ritual implements?
If so, which is your favorite?

Hi Linuriel_ Starborn! Thank you for the warm welcome. I currently work with sigils, enns, candles and crystals. I have been also working on my chakras as I have discovered a few blocks.
M favorite books to use are Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, Demons of magic, Daemonology Goetia and Goetia Pathworking. I have discovered that the more I follow myt books, the more I am led to make rituals my own…I hope I answered your questions!

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