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Hi. I’m Nikolaos and I’m new to everything. I grew up southern Christian. My childhood was where my religion took shape and formed its foundation. My dad was a minister until I was around ten years old. He gave up leadership but kept his beliefs. But going to church stopped for me.

After that, I only experienced religion through my friends. After coming to terms with being gay, the Christian structure which I knew started showing some weak spots.

I guess that’s why I’m here today. Fast forward to a month ago. So, I’m 39 and I have had my share of wild/weird dreams in my lifetime. Who hasn’t?

For instance, about ten years ago I had a dream that I was flying gay Jesus. And i would go pick up cute guys and fly them around.

But I’ve never, ever had the same dream more than once, that I know of. But around the beginning of June of this year, I started having dreams of a faceless woman in a cape (it looked like a cape anyway). And she was telling me that I was a witch. In each dream she’d almost be frustrated with me because I wasn’t doing anything about what she was telling me.

After maybe three of these almost identical dreams, the only differences being her levels of impatience or aggravation with my lack of action, she changed it up. This was in the last dream I’ve had of her so far and she said “it’s the only way to eternity” and then she showed me images of tarot cards, three spinning things (explained below) and some planets.

So these past few weeks I’ve been learning everything I could with an open mind. I’ve determined that I am not wiccan and that I think I’m supposed to learn more about black magick than anything. The faceless woman has showed me that I can apparently scry, as well as interpret tarot cards. The only planet I could remember from the images she showed in the dream was Saturn. I can also use a pendulum pretty good.

plus, those three spinning things? They aren’t practiced anywhere on earth that I’ve found so far. I’ve come to call it kinetic scrying :man_shrugging:t2: and it’s basically similar to the three card tarot readings in which they represent the past, present and future. I’ve bought the closest things to what she showed me and started writing down what happens….until I can find something practiced on earth that’s similar.

I wish I could find a coven because I can’t share this crazy experience I’m living with anyone I know and it feels like I’m back in the closet.

Anyway, that’s the gist of my story. If you have questions or opinions that may be helpful to my situation, I’m all ears and will answer what I can to the best of my knowledge.


Welcome, but please use paragraphs. Walls of text are hard to read and may not be answered.


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Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome @Nikolaos

Where are you from?

I take it, from your post, that you have no practical experience in magick, beyond what you’ve been shown in your dream?


Interesting. What did they look like? Is this based in the movement rather than a placement, such as with tarot or runes?


I’m from Georgia. And no I haven’t had any practical experience yet beside a tarot reading I did for practice.


They look like tops but they spin on ball bearings or something like that. And they’re placed left to right as past, present and future. The future spinning thing could show images to the practitioner although I’ve seen none so far.

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So the hooded lady expects you to scry into them, then. Still interesting.

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Amazing, hahaha. :laughing: Welcome to the forum mate :wave:

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The images of the spinning things only brought on a sense of what to do, it wasn’t ever explained beyond that. But in the image, I saw one of them producing an image of its own and understood that one to be the “future” one. It was also the only shiny, reflective spinning thing. The other two were solid colored.

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Hang on…hooded? In my dream she’s was faceless but not hooded. I could even see her hair.

She had a cape (I think) but it may have been something else that was attached to her clothes that looked like a cape but served some purpose, I’m not real sure why she had it. I am sure though that it didn’t go over her head at all.

And the faceless part felt like she was hiding her face. More like a mask but it was the color of her skin. It’s was off-putting to have to look at her not-their face but I still knew she was looking at me from that non-face.

Is there a faceless hooded woman detailed somewhere? If that’s why you said hooded, maybe it was her? I’d love to know who she was…and more.

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Simple mistake. Face wasn’t visible. Same thing. The face wasn’t visible. No worries. The face just wasn’t visible. It literally could’ve been that showing her face would’ve meant that you looked for someone with those exact features, which largely ISN’T the case.

We all perceive things differently. Belial to me is different than Belial to you. Persephone to me is different than Persephone to you. That’s all.

Hell, I’ve been singing to Hecate daily for OVER a year and sometimes she comes to me hooded. That’s just how it is. Even though I’ve seen her “face”. Which is really the face that I perceive and not her “true” face. I am using human faculties and all that.

Gotcha. I think. May I ask another possibly annoying (it’s probably been asked in some form or another dozens of time) question ?

When you say you’ve seen her face, you’re referring to seeing her behind your eyes and not actually seeing her physically no?

I’m still only in the first section of Demons of Magick but there’s been a lot of defining how we need our imagination in order to actually see a lot things in a ritual. but we can so easily let it get carried away where it starts making up things that arent actually happening.

I took that as meaning I shouldn’t expect to actually physically see any demons that I may require. But I’ll still see them if I keep my imagination’s shit together so it doesn’t run wild.

Is that along the lines of your experiences too?