New member here... just making my intro

I’m an early initiate in Santeria - proud owner of my warriors.
Although I am not initiated in Candomble or Palo, I have been fortunate to have found reputable people within those religions who have worked with me and shared with me the history and fundamentals of their religions.

Open to meeting new people, practices, and applications.



How long have you practiced?

What types of magick were you looking to acheive here (besides what you already do)? Its also cool that you chose Santeria

I’ve been practicing Santeria for about 10 years now. My godfather is Cuban and initiated me. I have to find out if I am destined to be scratched for Palo. That’s a whole nother religion but the two together can be very helpful.


My knowledge of other types of magick is very limited to I hope to learn about them here. Which ones do you practice?

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Im starting with necromancy, physic vamperism (to help with necromancy), baneful magick, healing magick, and I will work with most types of magick eventually (including voudon, norse magick, astral projection, and many more types of magick)

That’s awesome. How long have you been doing it?

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Thank you for expanding upon your path :slight_smile:


In a practical sense, not long, but absorbing info, like 2.5-3.5 years