New member have a question :)

Hello everyone, my name Natalia .I am 31 lady practising witchcraft since 2 years but since 4 months i started to do my research about demons before get into it. Since last week I started my meditation with Rosier Demon, I have candles, insence ,and the sigil, one sigil drawn at the plate i lit the candles on the other under my pillow. I do Enn chanting and meditation on the sigil,now since then ( after I put the sigil under my pillow) I cannot sleep, I dont have dreams normally but since then I am having a horrible nighmares I wake up at least 3 times and i can remember all dreams !! Last night i saw a dream when i woke up I was hardly breathing but when I calm down and I did my research i realized its more worning than a real nightmare, still I really wanna know about this, I know this is related to the sigil and I am not gonna remove it, I always used to treat spirits with respect and for me I feel it will be not a respect sign to ask for connection by chanting and medetating and after just feel uncomfortable to stop so I am just trying to understand, may I new to demonic Energy? My this is a sign for something?
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! Waking up alot at night helps remembering your dreams visions etc… look at it as they are saying “wake up and remember this it’s important”. Record everything you get and think about it the next day instead of over thinking! You don’t need to keep the sigil everyday! If you think you need a break it’s ok! Spirits don’t care about time! They can pause or even repeat as much as you need! Also remember to banish or reset the energy of the room!


I’m not familiar with this Demon but sometimes Spirits do test a practitioner before they work with them. Also he could be giving you some signs.

My advice is ask him to give you a sign or his name because if it’s a lesser Spirit then you want to perform a Banishing.


Thank you :slight_smile:

One thing to understand when you evoke demons is that you are actually bringing forth or recognising suppressed aspects of your consciousness. The specific demon and it’s so-called form are not as important as the essential nature of the state of consciousness it represents. When you activate such aspects of your pysche that you typically neglect or suppress you often experience this “upset” in your superficial consciousness as these things begin to surface. It is important that they do because they need to be recognised and accepted/integrate as part of your greater Self. God is infinite and unrestricted. You are God despite what your physical experience seems to suggest.