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Hello all. My name is Rob. I’ve been a lurker on this forum for a few months now and finally decided to join.
I was born into a Catholic family so of course I had no say so in my religious preference. Growing up I had the fear of God put in me. Everything was a sin. I lived with a lot of guilt as you can imagine. I’ve also always had this feeling of a void in my heart. Fast forward many years later, I finally decided to break free. I discovered Satanism and found a thirst for knowledge. I learned and read as much as I could until one day I decided to start walking down the left handed path. I performed a ritual denouncing all past teachings and dedicating myself to Satan. It was in that moment that the void in my heart was filled and it seemed like all the guilt from so called sin that I’ve lived with for many years just melted away. I now find myself a more confident individual and pretty happy each day.
I mainly work with Satan but have also recently begun working a little bit with Lucifer. I’m still very much a newbie and need a lot of work on meditation and developing my astral senses, but I’m sure all will come with time. There are many other demons I am interested in working with as well. Baby steps.
I look forward to talking with you all and learning as much as I can. It’s nice to know that I have a place where I can ask questions and have conversation with like minded people.


Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum and also lucifer its a great demon to work with I know how it is to Be different my school was christen but I was lucky my parent was will learn here a lot

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Thank you!!

Thank you. I’m looking forward to learning many things.

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Same story here i was living with great fear that i was doing a sin with every action im doing, then i became a atheist
Never believed in anything so after that i was interested in spirits and some problems in my life lead me here
Btw welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum. We’re all mad here



Welcome to the forum :blush:

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