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Hi Balg. I’m Zen I’ve been a lurker here for quite a while but only recently decided to join.
I’v been studying Grimoires and Esoterica by reading all i can of and about it all day every day for a bit over a year now. I accidentally involuntarily ended up doing some Necromantic summoning of dead friends and then a few weeks later achieved the kundalini got full blown 5d Etheric vision and instinctively energy healed someone and well since then I’ve just been studying a lot to make heads or tails of everything. I’ve always had a large range of casually overpowered claire and energy manipulating abilities however but ignored them as just a normal everyday thing.

Thanks to this site i got into invocation and I mostly practice invocation of the Sumerian versions of the deity spirits. I don’t agree with many of the assessments a lot of people on this board make of their historical identities and well in my experience neither do they… so with some help I recently wrote two books. One is on the various identities of the most popular deities(including a detailed history on Lucifer.) and the other is on the Sumerian legends that got mashed together to make Genesis and Exodus.



Other then that I’m mostly here to post about the results of my various invocation experiments. I hope everyone enjoys reading about them as much as I enjoyed experiencing them.


Welcome to the forum🙂

Nice introduction. I would love to know did you automatically progress to the 5D state from 3D. I’m assuming when you say 5D Etheric vision that you are aware of the connectivity of the all.

I find this quote misaligned with a 5D point of view, but I do sincerely appreciate your efforts in revealing your truths which in turn may help others struggling on their paths as well as validating your own.

I actually look forward to reading your works very much.

Yes, I consider myself a Monadic Deist. The all is all there is. The event had me very into the concept for quite a while. That said, my higher self was handling most of the details. Like I said, I was healing someone, so I had a witness at least till she passed out. Actually, I’ve been very fortunate that most of my supernatural experiences have witnesses capable of seeing them. She was pretty shocked by my torrid chi making the windows quake. I was more just out of it and still shocked that my shadow talked to me… I was super drained afterwords…

I edge worked it I believe is the term. I was present both physically with physical sight and movement and ethereally with etheric sight and movement. like i had side by side 4 eyed sight and two bodies. Although one was a golden wire frame dude in endless non euclidean space like void surrounded by a never ending infinitely far but also infinity close web of interconnected etheric orbs. I just thought up the one i wanted to effect and it came forth and I just knew all the internal attributes of it like they were listed and where to send the energy into… Also there was so much noise… :expressionless: i was basically in one big group chat with the collective subconsciousness of everyone and the mods of the chat are annoying… but i could private chat with anyone I chose… and then I made the mistake of saying Wow this is super weird I wish I could see my mom so she could explain all this weirdness. And so less then 12 hours later she walked off a balcony that didn’t exist that she knew had been under re-construction and I’m still taking care of her to this day.

Still not even my weirdest experience; That would have to be the time I summoned Ishtar for Easter to just chill and party all day and give me notes… someone tried to leave and the rest of us all experienced a quantum divergence phenomena where we all collectively time hopped to a parallel timeline where they hadn’t and weren’t going to leave.

I most likely will be putting up links to the free full e-book copies of my book soon.

My book should hopefully help anyone who falls into the trap of what deity is related to what / did what/ is who get out of it with minimal time dedication as well as help those who hold leftover conditioned fear of these deities move past it.

Wow, I love reading that,And I really appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences in the hopes it will help others. I think that’s the epitome of what this forum represents.:smiley:

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