New Member and Asking for Advice

Hello everyone, I’m John.

I’m a new member and completely new to magik. I have been interested in the concept my entire life, and a few years ago my friend introduced me to the concept of black magic. I haven’t really acted on it due to my lack of bravery, but tonight I decided to research and get some help. I would like to gain a general knowledge of different types of magik and learn some vocabulary of course.

But I do have my own bigger goals with magik. I am really interested in preforming some type of lust spell. I have a crush on one of my guy friends (who acts straight but never has specifically said he was) and I think he might actually be gay. Some of my friends suspect it as well as there seem to be signs. I am going to be blunt and say that I really want to have sex with him if it’s possible. What steps should I take to make this happen?

Just as a bit of explanation. (I am just going to blunt and truthful.) Last year we had a party and he ended up getting really messed up. I got him to take his shirt off (which was super hot) and talk more about sexual things. I also convinced him to walk away from my friend’s party because it was “boring.” I then convinced him to walk me back to his place after I told him that since he was messed up that I should look after him. (I tried to get him to my place first because it was a “closer walk” but really I just wanted an easier way to get to him. Unfortunately my friends ruined that.) I felt like we where actually about to have sex at his place, but things just went wrong because he got sick. I continue to fantasize about what could have happened that night. If he is gay or could possibly be swinged in that direction, I would love to be his relief in all honesty.

Today he resparked my interest. We have returned from summer break and he has started dressing a little more “gay” (he even started wearing earrings). We were sitting on the couch and he got kinda close to me and I moved over because I was surprised. We also went to his room and I laid on his bed and he put his ass pretty close to me. Of course my other friend was there to be in the way.

We also workout together often. I am trying to get fit like him, so if there is any magik I can preform to help me get to a more perfect body quicker then please let me know that too.

In the end, this spring we are going on a trip with all my friends and we are getting two rooms. I am thinking about putting him in my room and putting the others in a separate room so that me and him can be alone. I want to start a little friends with benefits relationship that is our little secret. I am not looking for much more than sex with him, but I would love to see where the relationship takes us. This may be the best time to prepare for. It also gives me some time to learn more about magik.

Thank you so much for reading all this. I am excited to read anyone’s advice. If you have any question, please ask me :slight_smile:

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Eeeeeeeeee. I always squeal whenever a fellow faggot ( im allowed to say that, I’m gay) joins the forum or one openly comes out on the forum lol.

Sighs. I need more gay friends.

Anyway, welcome to BALG.

Now a little word of advice before you start using magick on him. Talk to him dude. Explain how you feel and ask him if he feels the same. Usually all it takes for us to gain what we want in life, is for us to assert ourselves.

First things first. Talk to him.

If he’s a friend and you find yourself having these feelings for him, then talk to him. You don’t need magick to do this. Ask him how he feels about you. He may be doing the things you described because he feels close to you, not necessarily because he’s attracted to you.

If you want to involve magick then call on an entity to help bring out any romantic feelings he MAY have for you, if he harbors any. I say this because sometimes you have to be delicate in romantic situations. If he doesn’t have any romantic feelings for you and you have a spell cast or call on an entity to try to force him to develop some sort of interest or in some cases, make the person obsessed, you risk him fighting their feelings or thinking of you constantly (because of the obsession spell) and in turn, pulling away from you. If he does have romantic feelings but is afraid to show them, then a spell or entity can help him move forward in telling you.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope it all works out :cherry_blossom:

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Thanks for the reply Fenris. Haha it’s good not to be alone :smile:

I hope it’s okay that I am blunt because I’d rather just get all the real emotions out the way in order to help explain the full situation.

I know it would be so easy to just ask him, but I live in the south where the whole gay thing is like shamed upon. I know I should just ask, but I was hoping maybe something between us might happen. I have another friend for example who has been “straight” his entire life, but randomly one day we got into pleasuring each other. We’ve only had oral sex. But we’ve never label each other as gay, we just pretend, for our wellbeing, that we’re just hanging out.

The way I see it is that if he’s straight and I tell him I like him, he’s going to not be friends with me anyways. If he is gay, then we could finally have some fun haha. What is crazy is that I can find any other gay guy around me, but there is something about him that just makes me CRAVE. He’s not even the best looking person around me; it’s just he makes me literally the most thirsty son of a bih in the world.

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I can try, but I just don’t see that as being an option because of the culture I have to unfortunately experience.

Thank you for the replay positivelycm.

This may be the best plan of action. I am not really worried about changing his orientation or anything like that, I would just love for, if he is gay, for him to have stronger feelings for me. Today we are going to workout together and I am going to just analyze him and see how he looks at me and interacts with me. My other friends won’t be there for once haha. Who knows I might even gain the strength to ask him.

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