New Magician 🎩

Greetings everyone! I’ve always been interested in the occult and I’ve decided to finally take my first baby steps. I came to this forum accidentally while researching Belial, who i am interested in evoking to have as a mentor for personal development. I hope to learn a lot from you all


Welcome to the forum! Is there a specific path you follow? How long have you practiced?


Welcome @soumasosso Do you have any experience in magick, or are you a complete beginner?


No specific path, I’ve read various books including the kybalion and initiation into hermetics and I have experience with astral projection but magical workings and conjurations? Not so much

Mostly a beginner, I’ve read books, watched videos and meditated but I’ve been really interested in working with deities recently and so I’m hoping this forum will help me take that leap

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