New Magician

Hey I’m new here I’ve tried evoking a couple of times but my astral senses aren’t really developed so I end up not hearing them.
I’ve also been trying to astral project/ soul travel for a long time with many different techniques to no avail.

Any help with either would be greatly appreciated

I have a fair amount of occult knowledge but i’ve only seen my sigils or spells others have cast for me so far

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Eric: have you read constintinos? His book summoning spirits has some good sense exercises

I’ll check it out, thanks!

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Welcome to the forum @Cawfee.

What kind of magick do you practice?

I’m pretty new since I can’t hear entities. I don’t know the specifics I usually hire people to cast the spells and rituals

Thank you for answering :slight_smile:

So you haven’t done any magick yourself?

I’ve tried evoking and it’s worked but my lack of clairaudience Is really holding me back. I’ve made a servitor too though


Avail yourself of the forum’s search function on the upper right. It’s the little magnifying glass. You will find many meditations and exercises that can help.

Yeah, i’ve been checking it out a lot these past few days. Thanks for your help

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