New magician Intro + help

Hi everyone, I am Declan, 26, Ghana, Accra and have been into occultism 3 years now. I am into sigil magic, ceremonial magic and still trying to figure out how to make contact with the demon/goddess.

I would be glad Welcoming any help.

Thanks BALG!

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Welcome to the forum @xDeclan

Do you have experience and initiations in any specific systems or traditions of magick?


Sigil magic which I think is a good way to connect with a Goetia spirit. I am trying to connect to the 29th spirit Astaroth. I have tried to conjure her up to physical appearance on the 12th of August this year but nothing happened throughout the 7-day conjuration in a bush. Need help on how to connect to her please :relieved:

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So you have experience with using spirit seals?

Thank you for elucidating more.

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I mostly use Astaroth’s

Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome :blush:

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Thanks Norse

I’m Declan by the way. Do you have any idea on how to get connected to a specific demon.
Currently working on Astaroth but I’m not sure what to do
:star_of_david: I’d be glad for your help tho

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welcome!!! my name is maddie if u have any questions just let me know

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Hello Madi

I have been using Astaroth’s sigil and Enn to connect, I can only feel the movement of the candle flame and incense. How do I get a better connection to him/her. May You help me on how to establish a good relationship with ASTAROTH.

Any other deity is welcome but I’d love to work with ASTAROTH really much. TY

We’re on the same boat trying to connect with Astaroth, however I’ve been trying to connect through invocation.
It worked once at 16 with Malphas for a short period of time but that was my only success.