New magician here

Hi, i am a begginer , i was always interested in methaphysic stuff and evocation since i was 13, and tried some what i call unsuccessful attempts on ouija boards with my friends when i was 19 lol , and wasted so much money before on divination readings (tarot,palm, coffee cup, etc ) which mostly didn’t happen, and it disappointed me toward the point where i didn’t believe anymore , like i was in doubt if anything of that is real at all? I am not a believer in any religion , yet i kinda believe but not quite sure in some stuffs that are there in their bibles ( spirits , angels, demons, jinns, etc )

I am not experienced in occult, tried so many unsuccessful spells before with no practicing and meditation before them , nor do i know the rituals so i need to read some good basic books first . But i found this site so interesting and i felt like home like its the place where i should start with , to get the chance to know the things i need to .
But i really wanna get my answers , like are they real do they really exist in the first place ?! If so , how , and towards what evidence besides what is written on bibles or was written based on bibles!

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Welcome to the rabbit hole that is the BALG forum :slight_smile: