New Magician Here Hello!

Hello, my name is Len. I currently reside in the US. I am very new to magic; in fact I haven’t practiced magic yet, whatsoever. I have been reading the forums for possibly 6 months now and barely decided to become a member. I did not grow up very religious, but we did grow up Christian so this is not something I ever considered doing myself until very, very recently. To be completely honest, it still spooks me out a bit, but I think I’d like to at least give myself the opportunity to try the RHP. I am interested in money magic, sex magic, and basically anything to better myself. This is very cliche, but I would like to be financially stable, happy, and basically just to be a good guy.

I don’t believe I can accomplish what I want with simple spells, so I think I will have to work with someone. I would still like to know more before I begin though. For example, negative long term effects for me, friends, or family.

Thank you for having me,



Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum

Welcome, countryman. Things can get hairy if you have mental illness to say the least but it’s not insurmountable. Keep up your end of pacts if you don’t you may get ‘smacked one’. If you come from a christian background then my advice is commit to the art, your goals, and how to reach them. Something about those in the middle suffering the most and all that lol.

Welcome to the forum!

I have read that Bune can help me financially, so I would like to work with him eventually. However, I am still unsure and uneasy about working with an entity. I’m sure it’s normal to be a little afraid the first few times? Should I work with someone who is more novice friendly first? Basically, I would like to befriend an entity (why would an entity want to be friends with ME?),ask for advice on what I can do to better my life and ask for some guidance, favors. However, the thought of being given something for nothing is not normal to me and I do not see what a human like me can possibly have to offer. I do not want to post a new thread every time I have a question which is why I am continuing my introduction. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I can do to begin my practice?


Do your research on whichever entities you are considering working with i.e. candle color, dates, incense, etc. I find sincerity and honest effort have gotten me farthest. Hand draw their sigil on parchment with as much care as you can or find a number sacred to them and if they have an appropriate offering i.e. lemons and Belial, offer them whatever in the right number. Natural to be nervous but don’t let it overcome the clarity and receptivity of your mind. You don’t necessarily have to make a pact right off the bat either, get to know each other, no rush. Hope this helps.

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Hello Len, Welcome! I’m sure there will be many who will be willing to help. I do think it is best for you to give yourself a chance when it comes to working rituals: unless you’re proximity to the situation bothers you too much, i.e. attachment, you’re best of working rituals yourself.

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Thank you both. I would like to work the rituals myself, although I really doubt I will be able to see or hear them for a while. I am going to try working with King Belial because I think it will be easier for me to hear him (IF I can even hear him). Someone has told me that Bune and Belial sometimes like to work together, so I might work with both of them in the future, with permission from both of them of course. Thank you so, so much for telling me that sincerity and honest effort have helped you the most. I think that that is exactly how I want to approach it.

You are most welcome friend. Whatever I can do to pay it forward. During the winter solstice I offered Belial one of my favorite cigars. I cut it open, burned the tobacco, and buried it with his offering of lemons as well. It wasn’t the most expensive cigar I had but it was definitely among my favorites. More than anything I think they like the giving of self.

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Welcome, Caliwiz,
Welcome Len.




gosh, if i’d know those myself!^^

There are some positive effects,
like becoming more intelligent,
learning more about yourself,
the world around you,
how you can manipulate and change that world around you in your favor…

(being praised as a deity within your human expierience,
as you’re no longer human,
but more then any human can become. - well, those are Azazels words, not mine. :stuck_out_tongue: )




Don’t worry too much about literally “seeing” and “hearing” them: spirit doesn’t need such things to operate although they sometimes aid your ability to believe.

I still have not tried evoking King Belial. I was naive enough to think that he would help me simply to help me. I have since educated myself more and I know know that he will want something in return, which is not unreasonable. I was at Walmart about 2 weeks ago and I got this sudden rush of emotions and thoughts of the things that I need to do to change my life for the better. Does this seem like the typical way for King Belial to reach out? I do think he may want to work with me. However, the more I educate myself in preparation of an evocation, the more I am afraid to do it because I feel that I should start with someone more newbie friendly. I really would not want to get myself into a situation that may be very difficult to get out of. Although, I’m sure that King Belial knows that my intentions really are well and pure. If anyone has any suggestions, I really appreciate it.

I will say that I have tried communicating with him (not the correct way). I simply “had a conversation” with him (all in my head) where I talked to him thee way I was taught to pray when I was a child. I really have no idea if he heard me or not, but I can say that the things I asked for are slowly manifesting. King Belial, if you see this I would like to thank you for entering my life and for helping me change the things I didn’t know that I needed to change.

I am no longer 100% sure that I am ready to work with him, but I would like to. Would you guys recommend that I somehow find a way to ask him if he is interested in working with me or should I try to reach out to him and thank him for the things that he has already done for me. Please remember that he might even he completely unaware of my existence lol

I’d like to give him an offering even if it hasn’t been him that has been making my life better, he has surely inspired for me to attempt to make it better for myself and I’m grateful for that. Lately, I have been wanting to work with Lucifer since he is supposed to be a better option for an unexperienced magician such as myself, but I really don’t want to leave King Belial hanging in case he has been doing all this for me already. I guess I technically still have not “practiced” magic, although I did already draw my first sigil that might have worked :slight_smile: It is a lust sigil and I did actually ask King Belial for something lust related, so it may have been him too.

AHHHHH! Thank you for being patient and for listening to me. Any input is greatly appreciated and if no one has any input, I’d like to thank you for your posts because I am learning from every single one of you.

Welcome to the forum! I hope we can all help you achieve your goals!

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