New magician assistance

I know what i want but not sure how to get it. My goal is to be a master. At current i need more income, A quarters i can call my own, a girlfrend, like minded friends.

Im so uncertain in my mind about this i dont know where i should start. all helps appreciated

Ah, hello traveler! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sevarn, the vampire guy who likes psionics a little too much. My path is public and is floating around here somewhere.

You know what you want? Well, I need more information than that. Choose at least one path to start working in.

Do you want to give goodness and nice things to the world? I certainly don’t, that’s for RHP magicians. “White Light” and all that.

Necromancy is something I’m interested in, but haven’t actually done. It is the art of communing with the dead, reaching into the underworld and letting them teach you and destroy foes. Dante Abiel is a great necromancer, I advice looking at his works for ideas. If you want a sorcerer that apparently knows his shit and is a forum member, talk to Euoi.

Black magic is E.A.'s domain. You can find a literal ton of content in the LHP section and most of E.A.'s posts have some sort of wisdom about them. I advise checking those.

Haitian Vodoun is a strange system, in my opinion. It requires initiation for some reason I don’t understand, but the Loa are apparently stupidly powerful. So, you might wanna look there. The Eye knows quite a bit about it, I think.

Vampyrism is my domain. It is undead magic, the ability to devour the energy of any living thing, and use it. Using Vampyrism one becomes demonic- I mean, I’m only six months into my path and I’m able to make people sway on their feet in a few feedings. There’s a lot of power to be had here, but a lot- and I mean a LOT- of risks.

Satanism? I don’t know much about it. I would say it’s just… working with Satan? I’d look more into it but I’m not that interested.

I know nothing about the Tree Paths.

Elemental Magick is the art of using nature in all of it’s forms- spirits, kings, potions, etc. It’s fun to dabble in, but I wouldn’t choose it as a main path.

So, go read and report back to me! Then I will assist you further.

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[quote=“DurgaOne, post:1, topic:2567”]I know what i want but not sure how to get it. My goal is to be a master. At current i need more income, A quarters i can call my own, a girlfrend, like minded friends.

Im so uncertain in my mind about this i dont know where i should start. all helps appreciated[/quote]

First thing look up redcircle on this forum (I miss that guy) and check his posts/threads. He started a lot threads to help newbies get started like good books to start with.

Research before deciding what you want to do, there are many paths not limited to what you see here. Leave that RHP/LHP shit at the door, its limiting and a master knows how to do it all, otherwise he wouldn’t be a master.

If your going to study western magick go ahead and learn planetary and elemental correspondences, research Qaballah (also spelled with a K or C) as it is heavy in western practices. Learn to divine, meditate and visualize first, I’ll warn you this is boring stuff to start with and likely nothing like you thought it would be, if your patient you will see a change in yourself and then see it reflected outward in the world around you. Keep a journal of all the occult stuff you do and keep track of what you did and any feelings or results.

Learn the basics of cleansing, banishing and protection before moving on to more advanced stuff.

That’s about all I got

Best of luck


I always recommend True Magick to newbies. That book contains a pretty good foundation for western magic.

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Thank you TWF and Euoi. I’m a decent with meditation and visualizations. My question I have is after meditation the the static starts to get real thick and and loud. The back of my head and third eye feel like there moving and I feel as though there’s something present. My vision gets all ink blotted. I say prayers to Satan I know that has something to do with it, I just want to know if this is how the spiritual facilities begin to manifest themselves

Static? What are you talking about? I’d be worried if I were you, having ink blotted vision.

Woah, slow down.

Don’t be so sure your prayers have something to do with that. After meditation, in most cases an extreme focus sets in. I’ve never experienced- hell, even heard of- the static you mention. Your third eye and head feel like they’re moving?

Make sure they aren’t. And ink blots? That’s common with oxygen deprivation. You might wanna get that checked out, seriously.

And you feel like there’s an entity there? You might wanna do a little divination. Are you thinking thoughts that aren’t like you? Saying things that aren’t like you? Or do you feel much more enlightened on something you previously had no knowledge of?

There’s a slight chance you’re possessed, friend.

And, while I was writing this, I actually did and am feeling my third eye and head vibrate. So, either power of suggestion, or you’ve got something real powerful causing that.

Do you mean static rain as in seeing colored dots or haze in your vision? I’ve not experienced my head “moving” more like being in a bubble or stuffed with cotton if that makes sense.

Try it without prayers to a spirit and see if you get the strange results, no point giving credit to something if its not doing anything.

I meant the static rain/haze. the “ink blot” was bad description. I lack the terms to word this properly. Best that i can describe is the physical world fades and images start to show up. I need to more of my homework. I’m going to look into the recommendations that were given. I appreciate the adivce

If i am possesed what could i do about it? what sort of divination can i use that would be helpful?

I have a similar experience in evocation. When I get to the crossroads my perception shifts around the room and comes to rest where the spirit materializes. It feels like my head is turning though I am pretty sure it is staying still.

Is this what you are experiencing?

I’m not sure.

[quote=“DurgaOne, post:1, topic:2567”]I know what i want but not sure how to get it. My goal is to be a master. At current i need more income, A quarters i can call my own, a girlfrend, like minded friends.

Im so uncertain in my mind about this i dont know where i should start. all helps appreciated[/quote]

A good place to start is to decide exactly what you want. For example, more income could be an extra $1.00 per year, but that’s probably not what you intend.

Perhaps decide if some things should happen before other things. For example, getting a girlfriend without a your own quarters and without more income probably would not be as fulfilling as if you had a place where you could be with her and money to buy her gifts, etc.

Once you are clear on exactly what you want, then start doing something (whatever your chosen method) to achieve each goal. Keep a record of what you do and the results. If something doesn’t work, find out why and try again with another method or improved knowledge, etc.

I’m just going to say ^ THIS! and only this.

Everything else comes second, and I could bore you with a million metaphysical theories on “why” (that would all be wrong, and that I’d be embarrassed about having believed in by this time next week) but in my lifetime of experiences, this is the ONLY question you need to ask.

I need some help with getting results from demons. I invoked Duke Sallos and it worked. I even had communication with him. He seemed to be doing the work he was charged to do. I was seeing almost daily movement towards the intended results. A time frame of 30 days to complete the task was given, but didn’t happen.

It seems I’m able to do the evocation with whomever, but the results never manifest completely. Anyone have that experience, or have some advice?

I had the static thing or something similar. I’ve posted my story elsewhere on the forum but the short version is I was falling asleep and in that "in between " I started to see red and blue dots that got closer and were actually creating like laser lines is the best way to describe it. The background was very fuzzy but then those lines pulled together to form Lucifers sigil. Then the fuzz went away and it was like an orange sunset. I felt something, possibly Lucifers essence inside me and there was a high pitched hum or vibration that was almost deafening. But it felt amazing. Is this sort of the thing you’re experiencing? If so, I took it as a good sign and his way of showing me he heard me.