New magican help

I know many of you are probley in the same boat, your trying this stuff and trying to make it work. I was in that struggle and even after trying the exercise’s to open my 3rd eye I wasn’t having much success. I started using crystals and binaural beats to break that gap and barrier. If you want magic to work for you it will but it only works as strong as your body and will power allow it to. Putting shugnite in your water helps decalcify your pineal gland. this is a tool like anything else. Hope this helps you guys. I’m able to lucid dream vidly now and change my shape of my body while looking into a mirror in my dreams. Now soon I’ll be able to commune with my guardians and daemons and move on to my path to godhood. With my glands open I’m excited to path work through the 18 flames when my book gets to me :slight_smile:

Cool i will give it a try, got 2 pendants on the way, shipping time is a bit long but the price is right.
As far as the pineal gland is concerned the more you use it the better.


They are in! Shipping took a bit, but the quality seems to be good, my wife loves hers and I enjoy mine. Right now i am working on blessing it in the name of Azazel, my wife uses hers for energy work. So as far as a tool I would give it a 8/10. plus it looks good on the alter.
We ordered the pendants for male and female signs.

I think I love E A Koetting’s approach to rituals. I have just read Rufus Opus Angelic grimoire. The tools of his trade to evocation are quite enormous. Like the wand, table etc. In Koettingsl’s BLG, the ritual for evocation is straight and precise. Anyone with a good understanding of the two systems of evocation should help. I want to invoke archangel Uriel through BLG pattern of evocation. This will be my first evocation. Am planning to buy the universal circle. Any advice will be appreciated.

I used not care about havinga lot of tools, and I still don’t, but I have really come to appreciate the various tools of the art. I actually prefer having the four elements tools for my witchcraft.
I recommend that you start with all the tools and work your way down to fewer implements.

Follow the steps EA outlines and keep notes. Once you have gone though the process it’s much easier to talk about it.

Before hand I would recommend really getting into the Preparatory Immersion step. Read up on the angel as much as possible, from as many sources as you can find that you believe are credible. See if you can find notes about other peoples experiences working with the angel, etc. You could even do something simple like lighting a candle for a week or so each day and saying a short request to the spirit you want to work with, letting them know you’ll be doing a rite to contact them and asking them to appear to you in a discernible manner.