New lookin for some guidance

Hey new to this i want to get in contact with King Paimon never done a ritual or summoning amd want to make sure i do it properly, if anyone can help me out or coach me on stuff it would be appreciated

Welcome to the forum.

Please try the search function in the upper right. There is a lot of information available here on evocation and King Paimon.


Still having troubles finding what i need to do to try contact him , what i need to get for the ritual what i need to say etc

As I said, please use the search function. Just click the magnifying glass and type in “King Paimon.” Then read the results that come up. All the information is there.

Thank you

Hey i want to do evocation with king paimon am having trouble finding a black candle and not sure what all i have to do to contact him

I really want to get in contact with King Paimon but am new to this and want to do this right any help is appreciated

You don’t really need any tools to summon a spirit. Just read the BALG FAQ.

What do i chant when im trying to evoke king paimon

Use the search icon bro



@Rylie_Brissette you keep asking the same question and made two separate threads with the same issue instead of using the search function, in spite of having been told so repeatedly. There is plenty of info about how to contact King Paimon.

@Lady_Eva might want to look into this.

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I have been using the search function found a bit drew his sigil, just never done this before and dont want to offend him @Lux_Tenebris

@Rylie_Brissette That’s no reason for asking the same question over and over again. There is literally a ton of info about how to evoke him, what to offer, how to conduct yourself etc. since he is one of the most popular spirits here. Also, there is some good stuff on YouTube. For example:

Thank you

Don’t be afraid of offending him, just do your research and be respectful. He appreciates people who know what they want, meet him with due respect (not fear!) and do their homework. Good luck.


There are already SO MANY posts about that exact thing. One thing King Paimon hates is laziness, if you don’t want to spend at least enough time to properly search the forum for info on him, then don’t bother summoning him at all. King Paimon has made it clear that he wants those who summon him to commit to what they’re doing (not just for him, but in general).

Make sure to use the search function or check out the BALG FAQ, which has already the answers you need.

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@Rylie_Brissette I merged all these into one topic, as requested above please keep questions in one location, cheers. :+1:

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