New life, new blog


I have started a new blog for this new chapter of my life. I wanted to post it here and check on everyone who participated in the “Runetastic 120 days.”

So, anyone else experienced a primal awakening with the Runes? In the end I felt like they got to know me just as well as I got to know them.

I recall starting it and cutting short due to a request from one of my guides. My focus in life has narrowed and I’ve gone through what I can only describe as a hard core introspection about what exactly is important to me. I don’t mean sitting and thinking for an hour or two. I mean writing down everything I know that has any meaning for me, and everything I know that I can codify in an understandable way. This has taken a number of months on and off. I feel myself going through a transformation of clarification and transformation. Like I have entered a new paradigm yet I’m just in the beginning stages of a new life for which I do not comprehend the horizon or new direction yet, mapless and looking for another summit. In the mean time I am also reading and studying a lot more, and attempting to avoid the trap of being satisfied with the dopamine rush of insight, and instead look for measurable application.

This is what has happened for me since.

I remember a few people having to cut it short due to a variety of reasons. Glad to hear that you are taking on such a monumental task, but at the same time looking to measure your results.

That must be a HUGE amount of writing!

I think I feel much the way you do, kind of in a “in between” stage right now with where I want to go and what I want to do. After my Runetastic Days and my Planetary work I have a lot that has changed, and a lot of new “toys” if you catch my drift.

If I remember you were working down a similar path only more Sumerian.

I did finish that initial span of getting to know the runes - but I did come to gradually abandon the commitment to typing out all of the highlights to share on here!

It was a great learning experience, with lasting consequences in my life to this day, but other than the occasional reading or rune magick I’ve honestly been moving away from the runes since then - until very recently.

Now the turning of Jera is playing first fiddle for me, and I know I am going to re-commit to an even longer period of immersion in the ways of the runes, while living nomadically and trekking across the countryside. True, I do see what we did as a kind of runic initiation, but there is definitely always more to know. And I know that very soon after my enlistment in the military is over with, I’m diving into the runes even deeper!