New level of King Paimon

So early this afternoon I chanted his enn. Just wanted to speak and talk to him. I was saying his enn really really fast. Spoke my peace, thanked him for listening. Asked for signs. Just something anything to know he was there. To let him know I wanted a new level of bond or acknowledgement.

Just before my computer “dings”. Like a windows notification or something. Like when your computer memory is low. That sound. Afterwards I look at my computer and nothing is there. Nothing. Ok cool.

I leave my room and come back to a very sweet smell. Like a dessert is in my room. There is nothing in terms of food of any kind. I only left my room about 10 minutes before I came back and brought nothing with me.

So I will add thanks to King Paimon for allowing me this new level of speaking. Thank you for immediately giving me a very clear sign that you heard me and allowed me what I asked for (sign and recogonition)