New Job working

Has anyone had any success with a working which leads to a new Job? I know this is further on than a money spell as such so I hope this is the right place to post this on. I am thinking of a working which uses a spirit of air and communication to help me with this but other than that I am not sure at this point…As a point of interest I have had a succesful run of jobs up to this point but due to the malevolence of a particular individual lost my last one and now am finding doors being shut instead of open…But I feel confident advancement rather than retribution is the way forward! Thanks for any thoughts…

Hi Neophyte! Sorry to hear about your troubles with the job situ, but I have every confidence you’ll overcome it soon - we sure do have a big ole Family here, full of smart ideas!

Can’t think of a “spell” right off, but I did think of another possibility that might assist.

There’s not much in the world more annoying than unintentional magick - magick unwittingly cast your way by someone of ‘ordinary mortal mind’ who has not a clue they’re doing it… kinda like a child running amok with a pellet gun. Not lethal, but certainly destructive and occasionally painful. (The Powers of ‘focused intent’ work whether deliberately or by default. Fortunately the by default variety doesn’t have much “juice”, or at least is not laser-focused!)

Try doing a cleansing/unbinding to free yourself from being obscured by the cloud of debris around you. It might be all you need to do. You said yourself that you’ve always been attractive to potential employers and I see no reason to think that has changed - unless YOU have changed. And do consider doing something about this person’s interest in targeting you with their petty spite! Good Luck :wink: Z

Zoe - thank you my dark angel, as allways first in with a good idea…I must admit it had crossed my mind that this person in question had performed an unintended act of baneful magick along with their intended mischief…They certainly had negative emotion, intention, and an act to earth it with. So I think your idea of a cleansing Ritual is doubtless a good one.

As for the persons spite I dont want to go into detail though it was more than petty, but I am undecided whether to bring the sword of justice down on them. Maybe as discussed elsewhere on the boards an evocation of Michael as dispenser of Justice might not go amiss here!

thanks N

Well Neophyte, when it comes to retribution/justice/etc., my view is this: I USED TO THINK just let bygones be bygones & go about your business… used to.

I now have a different understanding, therefore a new perspective.

Whether deliberately or by default, any person who does me harm in any area of MY life is in fact intruding upon MY happiness. What does it really matter if they ‘meant to’ or not? They Did It & now I am dealing with the Effects, using My time & energy, interfering with My enjoyment of life, etc.

In the 'turning back to them the results of their influence on MY world (at the least) or outright cursing/banishing/ punishing the deed, something remarkable happens: You link up with their Higher mind and the Ethers in general, putting out a whole new message:


I have had several success stories with workings for new jobs, most of them working with the Angels Phorlakh and Deggal. The sigil for Phorlakh may be found in Konstantinos’s Summoning Spirits, and Deggal comes from our own E.A. Koetting’s Kingdoms of Flame.

DakrVnet I knew someone would have the minerals…thanks man. I will look into workings with those angelic beings. I am just starting out with evocation at the moment but hope for quick improvement.

Hey NEOPHYTE! It’s been a few days … are things lookin up for you? Just checkin in & offering support… :wink: Z

Hey Zoe…nice to know your missed ^^ I just had a busy few days is all so back again! Well it may be coincidence as the only thing I have done on the job front magick wise is used it as part of my intent last week in a ‘failed’ evocation. That said since then I have had three Job interviews for next week! If I had any help from the Goetic realms then dark blessings on them…If not go me! I say failed btw in so much as not a smidgeon of visual or auditory presence, but hey next time…

Well, I’d say you did something right; don’t believe in coincidences… Looks like you’re on the upswing … Super Glad for it - and for You! :wink: Z

I’d like to add that from what I have understood, this is the speciality of the spirit Halah’thor from the BOA.

This is valuable knowledge for those of us who’ve not yet read the book! Thanks for the share, DIMITRIUS! :wink: Z

Thanks Zoe…And thank you Dimitris for the heads up on BOA…When I can locate a copy that doesnt require a sum equal to my first born in gold I will snap it up! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, recently I invoked:
King Paimon to influence the minds of the people at the company hiring.
Belial to manipulate the situation in my favor.
Bune to assist me with my finances.

About 2 weeks later I got the offer letter, and now I’ve been at this new job for about 1 month, so yes I would say it worked.

I did my research on what the different demons are best at and used them together to help me out. Although this is an old post I am hoping this response helps someone else looking for some answers.