New Identity in the Mundane world

How realistic is it for a magician to wish to change one’s name, public records, past, etc. on the road to Ascent?

Which entities come to mind as ones who would be eager to help in this area?

Thanks in advance

It is as realistic as the value/importance you create and the degree to which you’re willing to pay the price of having it.

Entities that assist in Ascent or that teach the qualities you want in your new identity would help you.

There was an artist who did a piece on wired I think on this subject a keyword seqrch on google may help… its been a while since I read it so I can’t remember the details

When you say public records, would you be looking for an entity to, for example, make sure they get lost/deleted/the computer fiiles about you get corrupted, that sort of thing? Or more like creating a new identity from where you’re at now, and then making sure people don’t/can’t link the two?

I don’t know the best answer for either but they’re two different approaches and I would imagine need different types of work done.

Changing your name, past (or at least your perceptions of it) and things that you have control over are attainable, I won’t say easily but if you care enough it can be done so that nothing remains redolent of the “old” you to hold you back. Some people would argue that’s not necessary, the “you had to go there to get here” thing, but then again there are always a million valid reasons to NOT do something, so if you want it, go for it.