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Hi I’m new here. I kinda got thrown into this stuff, well to say it’s always been around me but I wasn’t aware of the spirits, demons and entity’s that were there. I was told I was crazy for the longest time until I met my partner who introduced me to witchcraft. I’m trying to figure out what path I’m on and get more information. I’ve had demons around me since I was a kid and various entity’s. I could feel them and hear them and see them but ignored it as me being crazy. Since then I’ve accepted that I have entity’s that stay with me to help. I do mostly light work I think. I’ve done protection, binding, sending a hex back to someone that sent it to me, and removed entity’s and energy’s that we’re hurting me due to how I practiced when I was clueless(summoning a demon for shits). I’ve also worked with channelling my entity’s. I practice with tarot cards and use crystals for healing. I spend a lot of time working with my energy and how to get my intention into random objects. I’ve recently regained old entity’s that were from my childhood and I’m not sure how to tell if I’m okay or not. They said I am not on the light path. My partner used to practice black and is light now he says and I want to make sure that’s right. Is it all in my intentions and less of how I practice? I’m not sure why I’m so worried about labeling it guess I’m just looking for some info here.

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Welcome to the forum.

Isn’t it possible you can exist without any labels? The label of being called crazy held you back. The secret is, all labels do that. That’s the point. Except you are not what you are called, nothing is. Everything exists beyond words. We use words as a way to apply meaning to things, as a way to learn. It’s a slippery slope to say something is what it’s called. I would argue those that do are the real nutcases.

When someone lables someone as crazy it’s another way of saying “I dont understand this person’s motives” or “This persons behavior is foreign to me & I dont wish to understand why.” It’s imperative they deny dismiss and discredit that which they dont understand, because their only other option is to admit there is something they dont understand.

I’ll tell you what I tell everybody, isolate. Brave the inner corridors of yourself. Lucifer has one commandment, Know Thyself. Your partner doesnt have some all knowing insight on who you are, only you can discover that through the laborous process of self accountibility & introspection.

In my opinion a flashlight is only of any use in the dark. Walking the dark path is a way to find the light within you. You’re likely to get differing views for the others, but thats my take on things.

Equivocating darkness with evil is a falsehood. Dark is dark. Evil is evil. They are two seperate things. Just look at the pedophilia rife in the Catholic church, they posit themselves as the light. Look at Christian churches, tax exempt entities hoarding money in a nation without universal healthcare. Blood money syphoned from those they exploit with the falshood light equals good.

You’re okay.
You really are.
Take solice in that.

Thank you.

One more thing, I’ve been labled as crazy before. It turned out to be severe PTSD, should you need help with symptoms like panic attacks look into adaptogenic herbs, tulsi is my personal favorite. Adaptogens help regulate your adrenal glands ability to respond to stress. I even mix tulsi essential oil into my homemade toothpaste, with peppermint of course. Peppermint is amazing for many reasons.

Another thing I do is mix fresh ground cardamom in with my tulsi tea and it is so yummy. Cardamom is another huge helper as it calms the nervous system. Panic attacks can really take their toll on your body.

I’m just shooting in the dark here, none of this may apply to you at all. These are whats helped me. Almonds, B12… I’m gonna leave it at that for now but please dont hesitate to reach out if you’d like to know more. Also, looking up “natural remedies for X” online is WAY better than listening to any big pharma puppet. Nature is best. Your body naturally wants to heal and nature can facilitate that. Big pharma just wants to keep you sick.

Thank you.

Know thyself. Yes. But my friend, not just the ancient Lucifer says that. Truthfully, I think my favorite table of philosophy is nothing to excess.

Be respectful to entities, be patient with yourself, and yes, intent is very important.

What is your will? Welcome to the forum.