New here

Hey I have been practicing magick on and off for about 2 years now.
I would like to be stable and use magick for my music career and be great and good at what I do.
How can I go about it


What kind of magick do you practice? Any specific methods or systems you have experience in?

Several of the 72 Goetia Demons can help with that. Amduscias is one if I remember correctly. Some of the 72 Shem Angels can also help. I recommend getting The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer

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White magick spell casting

That term covers a lot of different things. Candle magick, evocation of angels and elementals, herb and stone magick, pathworking the tree of Life, etc.

What methods have you used?

Candle magick & stone magick
Grounding & visualization too

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Cool. Thanks for elucidating more upon your experience :slight_smile:

I just meditated over bune sigil and summoned him, I felt his presence. How do I know if what I want was heard and if the wish will come through

You don’t. If you have not yet developed your senses to the point of being able to fully communicate, you just have to assume the spirit heard you and is working on your request.