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Hi everybody!
I’ve come across this forum multiple times in the last few weeks, and finally took the hint to just go ahead and sign up.
I’ve practiced off and on for years, but recently have come back and want to practice consistently.

There’s a lot of basics that I know, but in the past I always relied on my Tarot to guide me, and not much casting. My ex though forced me to give up my deck that I had for 10 years, and wouldn’t let me use oils, incense, or candles (even unscented because he claimed they gave him headaches). So I lost a lost of touch.

I’ve come to a crossroads of a sort. You see, I’ve been facing some horrible situations in life where I have been incredibly wronged and hurt. My ex assaulted me, and we are going through court for his domestic violence charge and the order of protection I took out for the safety of my children and I. But, it’s not enough. He has enlisted many people in harassing me, trying to get me evicted from our home, caused me to lose my job, and is generally over all slandering my name. I’ve always primarily stuck to castings such as protection spells, requests for insight on situations, for help with anxiety/depression, etc.
I’ve meditated consistently on this, and I keep becoming more and now assured I need to take a different, some say darker, approach. I want retribution for what he did to me, the pain and damage he caused. I know that what I send out can always come back to me. I’m willing to accept any consequences that may come with this. I don’t want to harm him, cause death, or anything like that. I simply want to make him lose as much as he made me lose, and each time I’ve meditated on this, I’ve been brought here.

Is there anybody that can help me? Entities to reach to for help, spells to cast?


Welcome to the forum.

What systems or methods of magick do you have experience in?

You have said you’ve “practiced on and off for years” so what does that mean, exactly? What types of magick have you dipped your hands into?

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Not really a set path, per say.

Ceremonial, sympathetic, talismanic, and natural.

I’ve always used Tarot, loved and relied heavily on my crystals I once owned, speak out into nature for help/assurance, jar spells for protection/binding.

In the past I’ve only used sympathetic for protection/healing on myself.
I have always been very very careful on what I do. Never love spells, never spells to “soften” a person, or really in any way try to meddle or coerce a person.


Welcome to the forum :wave:t5::slight_smile:


Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and welcome :slight_smile:


Hey, Lunarshadow, welcome to the forum! I’m glad you’re out of that situation, and I hope things improve for you. Casting for protection is great, definitely keep it up. If you’re looking for more though, you may think about Lord Belial, or Lucifer himself, though there are certainly many others as well. I only mention those two because in my experience they are fast acting, and Lord Belial can be somewhat brutal about life changes. For yourself, you could call to King Paimon; he is very caring and interested in us. I hope this helps.

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Welcome @Lunarshadow, I am sure you will find the answers you seek , I believe once the magic path is within it’s always there, it’s just your chance now to explore and learn and the forum is a great place to start. :blush:

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Just a friendly advice: Never abandon an aspect of yourself for anybody. If he loves you, he’ll let you do what you love. He could have agreed to be away when you were to use your tools🙂

I am sad to hear what you’ve been going through. Protection spells are really useful, but they only prevent him from directly harming you (physically / mentally). They don’t stop him from speaking ill of you and they don’t prevent the consequences of his actions.
I would recommend binding spells and curses.
Let him dive and drown in his own problems ,so that he won’t even think of hurting or even occupy himself with your case again. You can throw him a nightmare curse ,so that he won’t be able to sleep and become weak. Drive him to paranoia.

As for your legal issues, I suggest you call upon King Belial and ask him to work on your favour (he excels at these matters).
For helping with your ex , I recommend Goddess Kali ,as she is known to hate men that wrong and abuse women. You can also call upon Lilith to bring fresh love in your life and Clauneck for prosperity and wealth, to make up for what you lost. Azazel to help you with your revenge as well as Azrael to pull him in misery.
Make that fucker pay sister.


Greetings friend! There are a great many “entities” that can help. Try the more aggressive consciousnesses mentioned in the Necronomicon Spellbook or the Arse Goetia.

Could you offer me ways for asking them for help? Their Enn, offerings, etc?
I want to do this correctly, and respectfully.

Could you tell me things to offer Lord Belial/ King Paimon? I’ve learned finding Sigils can be sort of simple with google, but learning the actual offerings, effective ways to do the invocation etc seem to be difficult.
I want to do this correctly, without confusion, and as politely and respectfully as possible.

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King Paimon:


Hope that helps :point_up_2: :hibiscus:


Of course it’s all here.
I’m sorry, I’m not accustomed to having so much information condensed into one place.
Thank you!!

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No problem at all, I know how overwhelming it can be when you’re looking for info.

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@anon48508954 has already given you a headstart.
But I’ll provide you with some more info if you’d like.

Lilith:Renich viasa avage lillith lirach
Azazel: Itz rel itz rel Azazel or Eya on ca Azazel aken
Clauneck: Ahvalen esen Clauneck kiar

They don’t have preferable offerings, though you should choose according to their rank.
F.e King Paimon is a king, so offer something you would offer to a king.


Thank you all, so so much.

Okay, so I don’t want to start a new thread piggy backing off of this one.
Before recommendations, I was drawn to Amosday for revenge. It felt right to me. I researched and read up, and noted how he could abrupt and harsh to deal with to start.
So, I found his Enn, luckily had the blue and black candles, took some mint from my small porch garden, and offered both win and whiskey, and also wrote a small and concise petition on what I was seeking, as well as the why.
I repeated his Enn continuously for roughly an hour. I noticed as I finished the Enn the candles flames would become very tall and skinny. But, nothing else happened. I stopped, and started to just talk. To explain my want for revenge, the collateral effect of dissolving some couples, my want to improve myself and need for guidance; as well as acknowledging he is very busy, and I understand that entirely.
I feel asleep having this conversation, and still felt nothing.
Then, at 3 am, an old friend called me, asking why I was ignoring him. I was really very confused, and when I asked what he was talking about, he said he just saw me at the club, and when he tried to get my attention I ignored him and bolted. When I told him I was in bed, he got really confused and actually asked if I was lying to him because he SWORE he had saw me standing at the bar.
During this call, the petition caught flame, and burst bright enough to startle my little familiar. But she reacted by purring loudly.
I went back to sleep, and woke up… well horny.

During my nap yesterday, I dreamt I met a beautiful black woman. She asked me to simply call one of my best friends, and my friend and I talked about my relationship. The red flags, the abuse (verbal/physical), my guilt over his arrest, my broken heart. While I was on the phone, the woman sketched me. She told me to end the call, she needed to finish quickly as we didn’t have much time. Shortly after that I woke up, but I did not see the finished portrait.

Last night, I dreamt of confronting my ex via text message. It was like one of those videos where you see the texts scrolling on the screen. Which, in a way, helped me with some answers.

I’m incredibly confused by this. I don’t know if these dreams are in response to my attempts to contact Asmoday. It doesn’t seem to connect to anybody else’s experiences with him.

I just want to make sure I didn’t screw up. I’ve been compiling lists of the dieties that have been recommended to me, but I didn’t want to just hop from one to the other as I felt that would be rude.

your news is sorely received. im so sorry you’ve had to deal with this. I’ve had similar experiences and I KNOW how hard it is to get rid of control freaks. there are many, many people here who can help and I hope I can have the honor of being one of them. the people here are friendly and open and tend to be non-judgemental in my experience so you are in a good place.