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Jenn here, I’m new to all of this, I dabbled years ago and life happend and I should have never put it on the back burner. I need some help, not for myself, but for 2 other people, there are relationship issues because.of outside avoidable things. I considered a love spell, I am so attached to these 2 though that I feel maybe my emotions would hinder it. If someone would be of some help please get in touch. Not sure if I should have posted here or where it should have gone, I cant seem to get anywhere but this page.

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This is the proper place for introductions.

Please tell us something about yourself. Do you have any experience with magick?

Welcome @OtherMother, I love your screen name LOL

Theres not much to tell about me. I have had a want for magick my entire life, was always made feel I was wrong to desire it. I dabbled some as a teenager, had some results, the results i needed. I guess i was very influential and left my desires behind and i have successfully hid it ever since. I am overwhelmed by the need to practice now, i have been for a long time. With the current situations in life i feel there is something pushing me towards it.

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What did you “dabble” in?

Thanks, I tend to end up the ‘other mother’ lol which is the cause of all my life drama at the moment

Dabble may not be the right word… I honestly dont know. I was involved in some things as a result of family choices and I needed to know who caused it, who did it. A friend of mine that claimed to be into magick passed along some spells. I wish I had kept up with everything. I did as she instructe and got the results I expected.
I’m really dumb to all of this. Except that the desire is still there to learn and take part.

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Okay, so you are pretty much a beginner to all this. That’s good to know as it helps us provide proper advice.

Yes a beginner

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