New here

So I just discovered about magick and this forum two days ago and I was reading a lot of things like crazy since then, so I wanted to talk with some spirit and ask things to them and after sometime I decided to try King Paimon first so I read a post that explained a easy technique for beginners to summon spirit and I tried it but this didn’t worked well my body was shaking like crazy and after sometime I stayed more calm I felt a smell it was strange and after sometime I decided to stop so I lay in my bad to rest and saw shadows in my wall moving for a few seconds in a direction and that’s is what happened, well I experienced other things (not magick) before when I was a Christian my God did something’s but looks like my God isn’t what I thought he was after reading some stuff in this forum.

If possible I want to know where I should start with magick I need some guidance here.

Sorry for being long and about my English (I learned playing Visual Novels lol).

Welcome to the forum.

There is plenty of information here to get you started. Make copious use of the magnifying glass in the upper right for answers.

Here is something with some links to get you started: