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Hey everyone, I’m new here and don’t have much to any magik experience. I did however find interest in shamanism. I do have a lot of interest in astroprojecting and other aspects concerning that. I’m 23,Russian and life feels empty. I’m here for a reason just don’t know yet



Welcome to the BALG. @Andrey_Staroverov!

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Best of lucks in your evolution

Hi Audrey,

Welcome to the forum. What attracts you to astral projection. At 23 years old you shouldn’t be feeling life is empty, so at least know you just joined this forum and made thousands of friends worldwide :slight_smile:

See you around bud!

Heyy… what type of shamanism? If it is Slavic shamanism i can help you with it at the beginning.
Here are some slavic deities:
Pamierlyja Božyšča (Slavic Death Deities)


I’m very much interested in Slavic shamanism

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Great check it out and let me know

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Baba Yaga seems interesting, what more can you say about her

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Astral interest me in the fact that I may travel to a place to find answers

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the heads up

How do you pm someone, can’t figure it out

You can’t. You just joined us less than 24 hours ago, and the ability to PM is restricted by the system until you reach a certain threshold of activity by contributing to the community. Members can PM you, and you can reply to them, but you cannot initiate conversation. It doesn’t take long to unlock though.

Ok, thanks for the heads up

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If you are interested in shamanism research ayahuasca