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Hey guys, I am new hear and am doing EA’s masters of evokation. I am a natural born witch but never went there for decades… Anyhoo

Here is the thing I am a natural in baneful Magick, but really really want to win the lotto…so any ideas or hints on best demon to work with and how to get a win on the lotto, am new so no narky comments… any ideas!

Welcome @Mor_B :wave: whereabouts are you from? What kind of magic do you practice and how long have you been practicing? :slight_smile: This info helps other users give you more targeted and relevant advice.

There’s a lot of good resources on the forum so I would recommend clicking the search icon up in the top right-hand corner and searching for keywords which are relevant to your goals.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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14th generation first born of first born from high priest of Thebes. So what we say is holder of the power. Egyptian. So to answer you, I didn’t particularly study anything, and didn’t question my abilities, not do I like labels, lhp rhp- to me doesn’t make sense. I only recently started anything disciplined. But essentially Egyptian Magick, I am fascinated by all the info on the forum.
I should mention that I have done very little work with spirits, I have naturally gravitated to kabalic manifestation principles.
Essentially if I am emotionally engaged reality gets impacted.
I am looking for the philosophers ( Devil’s) stone. For me to intentionally manifest in near real time is my next go to. With all due respect and without pretences I don’t see how using an entity to do your work ( rather than using your will to alter and manifest concrete result in reality in real time) is a step up. These are the thoughts going round in my head…

Has anyone gone direct to structuring ’ said item or goal’ in real time ( ie within 72 hours of work)

Thank yoi for answering and sharing your experience. When we don’t recognize someone, we go to intros like this to help better shape our answers to be more applicable.

Hi there @Mor_B, welcome to the forum.:wave:t5: Great to have you here.

What does this mean?

Also, I don’t know anyone claiming entities are a “step up.” It’s just a different way of practicing than without them.

So, if I’m understanding you correctly, you don’t have any practical experience in any particular systems of magick, but rely exclusively on your own innate manifesting abilities?

How long have you been practicing?

I think he’s talking about EA Koetting’s Devil’s Stone ritual, where you astrally structure an object to manifest in the physical world.

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Yes that’s exactly what am referring to. Has anyone achieved real results with that? EA doesn’t specify details…at least none that I can find. And that’s where my interest lies:)

Yes @DarkestKnight that’s exactly what am referring to… What do we know on that?:slight_smile:

Thank you for the welcome @Veil

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Appreciate it @anon39079500 I love the forum;)

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