New here!

Hello. my name is Natali, I’m 26 yers old.
came here to learn more about magic


Where are you from? Do you have experience in magick? What type of magick, if any, do you currently practice?

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many useful things.

Welcome @DarkRose93 Please tell us more about yourself and any experience you might have in magick, This post doesn’t tell us anything, and doesn’t meet the criteria for a proper introduction.

Welcome to the forum !

Here goes a couple of tips for a beginners… take everything you read (here or otherwise) with a grain of salt. You can trust on the “Regular” members (you see it close to their username) a bit more than on the rest but even then, dont just eat everything up as the absolute truth. Pass EVERYTHING through your personal gnosis (which you’ll achieve over time through experience) and then pass that personal gnosis through the gnosis of those you trust and then through whatever seems to be the general magickal consensus on the subject (if such thing exist)… anyway… compare stuff.
Read a lot… trusted authors specially, yes… but also over time, the more obscure stuff…

Oh yeah… careful with the wild claims you’ll read sometimes… You’ll read those from time to time. You’ll know them when you see it. Doesn’t mean they’re arent (necessarily) true… but you know… “extra-ordinary claims require extra-ordinary evidence” type of stuff. Besides, no one who do extra-ordinary shit will care (or be offended) if you dont just blindly believe them or not.

Lean about other people’s beliefs… even when they completely contradict yours. It’s part of the process of finding the Truth (if such thing exist).

Have fun.

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Welcome :blush: