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Hi All,

I am a long time lurker and first time poster. I have a wide variety of interests but what motivated me to finally create an account was @luxfero and his work on Liber Scientia. I found it interesting converting spoken incantations/spells/etc into talismans and would like to explore that more avenue more. I have been exposed to the occult for about 20 years or so with a primary focus on a middle path between the LHP and RHP. Any if someone interested in expanding the work that @luxfero started let me know.



Welcome @raza

Do you have any practical experience? You haven’t told us if you actually practice anything, all you have said is you have been “exposed” to the occult.

What exactly do you practice?

I’m very eclectic but my foundation is in gnostic and kabbalistic rituals. I find them to be my favorite but I appreciate the freedom and flexibility that chaos magick possesses. Especially in regards to servitor and sigil creation.

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Welcome to the forum

Welcome :blush:

Interesting that your in the middle. I assume that you take aspects from both sides. Interest practice. Looking forward to you sharing your experiencez.

Yes I’m more pragmatic, if it works I’ll look into it and use it. I don’t presume to know the real structure of the cosmos/ multiverse and there are many whom chose a side but I’d rather understand it all and go from there. I will say that I am a proponent of a persons innate divine sovereignty but I don’t necessarily say that I’m on a specific path. I hope that makes sense. Right now I’m delving into talismanic work because it has always interested me and I find its potential significant. So any direction and insight is much appreciated

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