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Hi my Name is Melissa. I was raised Christian but in my teens it was forced which pushed me a but out of it. I have been interested off and on through the years in witchcraft but never fully looked into it until previously so I’m pretty new. I do have kids and live with a religious uncle so I have to be careful but resently I’ve felt drawn to Dantalian and Seere.


Welcome to the forum. I happen to understand the struggle of practicing magic whilst living with religious people.

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Thank you!
It’s tough. I would probably be asked to leave so very cautious. Have you been practicing long?

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You may find “Hidden: living with the uninitiated” useful:
Looking at Dantalian and Seere’s sigils, and repeating their enns, will also help establishing a connection.

Thank you. Because I am so new I’m trying to be cautious of who i contact first.
I have a situation with an ex I’m trying to get back. I was told seere has taken on the job for me but I’m trying to establish a positive relationship with him so we can talk and i want to learn more about him. Honestly I’d love to see him to with hearing about how beautiful he is

Yes, very “interesting” to see spirits, I’m after that myself… A bowl with water, the black screen of a cellphone or computer, or water vapor may be employed. When you open a sigil by looking at it you enter trance, ask the entity to manifest then look almost through the water or screen etc (this will also deepen the trance) while relaxing your eyes.

Thank you. I’ll try that. I almost feel like the best time I could accomplish this is when I’m extremely tired. I can be awake but close my eyes and start dreaming. I may try that and see if I get closer to contact

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True feminine energy such as witchcraft is very intense and powerful. I suggest looking into alice kyteler. You may want to start with meditation or less intense forms of practice rather than jumping into the deep end like that. You want to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm you. If I started what I currently do (at the very beginning,) the outcome would not be good.

Thank you

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