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Hello, my name is Chloe 36/ f living in south florida, studying goetia demons and chaos magick as well as tarot. I somehwat started working with Stolas, nothing big but giving him offerings of incense and candles and did some artwork of him, havent made specific requests just getting to know before i really ask for anything specific i guess. Coming from a christian background growing up is taking some used to letting go if the stigma of ‘demons’ too. Originally came here from googling ‘is it okay to work with multiple demons?’ And looking for others to learn from and other people and their experiences with Stolas and others they have worked with, offering ideas and anything else like types of grpunding or cleansing to do before and after working with them. Thank you!



How long have you practiced?

Quite honestly only really started practicing with stolas/any demon at all about 2 weeks ago or less so i am very new, with tarot i have practiced off and on past few years but more frequently now yet still getting used to it ~

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Im slowly getting into ot by reading about them and i have only drawn stolas sigil/seal, i have a notebook i got to put notes in on each one i study, i have only entered stolas as he is the first and only i have tried, thinking about trying another at the same time also trying to figure out whats the ‘best’ fit for me. I was thinking today that a year ago i would never have pictured myself doing what i am now , studying and working/attempting to work with demons*

Hi and welcome.

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Hey, Chloe, welcome to the forum!


I’m new as well and excited to learn!

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Welcome @Srafez Please open your own introductions thread and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you have. It is a rule of this forum.

Ive wondered about Paimon, but my first introduction to him was on the movie Hereditary by Ari Aster who made Midsommar(interesting too Paimon is the 9th spirit in the goetia and in Midsommar they make references to the number 9 alot in their rituals and other stuff but they dont mention him in that movie , only in Hereditary). If you havent seen it then SPOILER alert some of the characters are followers of him and people get sacrificed in exchange for his blessings and teaching etc. I know its ‘just a movie’ but the whole demons and human sacrifice thing really made me wonder how far people go with it ya know, or how far the demon would want etc. Edit. Ha 9th spirit and 9th comment here

King Paimon is not like he is portrayed in the movie. The fact is, stupid people will do stupid things, including sacrificing others in the name of any deity they think is superior to them, regardless of the excuse. People will take anything too far, if they think it will benefit them in some way.

Historically, people have been sacrificed to most of the well known pagan gods (the fluffy New Agers love to ignore this fact) as well as to “Gawd” and in the name of Christ, (what were the ritual witch burnings if not human sacrifices?)


Thank you, I’m trying to learn the right and wrong ways to go about these things and to not let the stupid people ruin it for me/ and not be stupid in the process.

Like I have read some of the Necronomicon and Gates of the Necronomicon and they mention to not make blood sacrifices to those gods spirits etc. Because they say it could turn on the magician like a blood thirsty animal that wants more blood? yet i see some people making blood sacrifices to others/ cutting them selves using their blood in sigil etc and i wonder how safe/is anything ‘safe’ how do i really know what to expect, is it unwise etc. how do i know this is what it actually wants and not something i THINK it wants? I want to think it through well enough without thinking too much ya know?

Just keep in mind that human sacrifice has a long history in religion, not only to demons, but to almost every god known to man.

We like to think we have outgrown such things, but we are just as stupid now as we were back then, possibly even more stupid in some respects.

Do not mistake blood magick for blood sacrifice. They are not the same thing.

In blood magick, the magician uses their own blood to forge a connection to their god/spirit. It is a form of empowerment, and is the magician’s choice.

Blood sacrifice is using another being, be it human or animal, as an offering to the spirit.

Some spirits do not like blood as an offering, while some prefer it. It is really up to the individual spirit, whether demon or god. That is why it is always preferable to ask the spirit what they would like as an offering, and not make assumptions about what they want.

A good example was one member of this forum who put blood on the seal of a particular goddess as an offering because he assumed every spirit liked blood. The goddess got very angry with him and kind of screwed up his life until he apologised.

Unless you work within a system like Voudon, where the spirits expect animal sacrifice and blood, it is up to you, as the magician, to decide what you will and will not offer a spirit.

Blood is never mandatory in Western Ceremonial Magick.


Thank you, thats the other thing~ differentiating their voice from what i think is their voice and just my own thoughts thinking what they would want. Im trying my best to listen , I feel I may need to listen harder? To gain some sort of contact to know I’m on the right track but I know it may not be the form Im thinking , like its not going to manifest in front of me just because etc. Or may not be an audible voice, I’m not sure what to expect or not really expect, or maybe its what type of things I’m offering arent ‘big’ enough?

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Like i have had unintentional contact with bad things just walking through a neighborhood. one night a spirit slamming on a car window then jumps to the house next to it banging along the windows inside then stops. So i know what types of weird ways they could contact me but thats obviously a scary example that freaked me out. Yet here i am attempting contact but getting…nothing? Maybe they’re busy? Or only some certain spirits reach out more? Idk

I rarely make offerings. I believe the spirits aid us because it is part of their purpose and it gives them a chance to wield their power in the world, not because we give them stuff.

Differentiating the voice of a spirit from your own inner voice takes practice. A useful exercise is to write down five questions, open the seal of a spirit, ask the questions, and then write down what you hear. Put the paper away for a few hours, and then, when you reread what you wrote, you will be able to notice differences in syntax and phrasing from what your own inner voice uses.

What you gave as an example sound like wandering spirits, and they are just that, wandering. They are always around in the background of reality. When you are seeking contact with a specific being like a demonic king, they don’t usually hang around this plane, so it might take more time to come into contact with them.

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Thank you I will have to try it, as far as questions do you mean like things I want to know or things I know the answer to?

Hello and welcome @Chloethulu

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The point of the questions isn’t the answers you receive necessarily, but how they are delivered, in the syntax and grammar of the speech you are writing down.

If you ask a question you already know the answer to, then you may never be sure if the answer you received came from within or without because your mind can trick you.

Ask the spirits whatever you want to know, but the focus should be on how the answer is delivered, not the answer itself.


Oh i see, thank you for the clarification :slight_smile: :sparkles:

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