New here. SO much info on Dantalion!

I came about this forum last year when I sought information on Seer. He was amazing and I went “white” for a few but I have to tell you, I cant hide my true nature too long…soooooo I was talking to my inner source about something I was having a hard time with. I ended up crying and asking for “benevolent or malevolent spirits” for help. I said it truly by accident. Welp…I got a BWC email like 5 min later after I wiped my tears I was reading and it was one of Savannahs videos. I start watching and that went to looking for demons to help with my situation. Out of nowhere on a list I chose Dantalions name. At random out of the 12 listed. I was…well. Im here so you know. Also, this place is an absolute gem among all the other places on the internet.

I have begun my research on Dantalion. I find that his character is very understandable. I feel…comfortable. I see a lot of talk about his temper which in reality is understandable as well. If you have any testimonials to share, here would be the place to put them. I would love to read any new ones since I’ve browsed the old articles.

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It is.

Please, introduce yourself properly. It is a rule.

Where do you hail from? How old are you? What areas of magick do you have interest in? Are you currently struggling with something in your practice?

I am in South Florida, Im 40 and Ive been practicing since 16. I am a practitioner of a few…an Occultist; Ceromancy, Pyromancy, to name a few areas I am well versed in. Demonology is not new but one I intend on taking a little more time on now.

I am not struggling as much as seeking more information on the altars others use, offerings, etc. Examples of how their set up looked.

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